Certificate Attestation In UAE You Can Count On

Certificate Attestation In UAE You Can Count On

Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm al-Qaiwain are the seven Arab Emirates of UAE. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is known as the father of the nation. Around two-thirds of government jobs are filled by women in UAE with a literacy rate of 93%. The largest Guggenheim Museum in the world, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is situated at UAE. Also, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is the world’s first zero-waste, zero-carbon, and car-free city. Other than commonly spoken languages like English, Farsi, Hindi, and Urdu, Arabic is the official language of UAE.

Why is Attestation Required?

Still, many people are confused about the needs and requirements and lots of people are even confused why certificate attestation is required, what is the process, who attest to these documents. This article will allow you to clear basic attestation questions and recommends attestation service provider. Authenticated documents are necessary if you are preparing to admit your kid in a school or moving abroad. Thousands of people who are travelling abroad for employment, immigration or for any different reason, one of the important things you need to do is documentation (Personal, Educational or Commercial Documents). You will face difficulty or rejection to stay in the foreign country if your documentation is not proper. People are usually mixed with the words attestation & apostille. Document attestation is a sign or a symbol in itself for verifying the authenticity of a certificate. This blog will help you to learn what is attestation and what is its importance also gives a clear picture about certificate/documents attestation.

If you want to travel to another country you will need to apply for a visa and as a matter of fact, the visa will be issued only when officials have verified your documents thus this make attestation of required documents necessary. Similarly, if you are looking for a family visa then attestation of the marriage certificate attestation is mandatory.

What is the Need for Attestation?

When you are planning to migrate abroad, corroborated documents are necessary for applying for Visa. Documentation is a vital process to travel abroad for immigration, employment etc. You may face several rejections or problems to stay in the foreign country if your documents are not perfect. By providing a sign in the document, certificate attestation is the symbol for verifying the authenticity of a certificate. Similarly, you need to possess marriage certificate attestation in UAE applying for family Visa.

What are the Different Kinds of UAE Attestation?

Attestation is mainly classified into three groups. They are:

  • Educational document attestation
  • Non-Educational document attestation
  • Commercial/local document attestation

Now Know More about Educational Certificate Attestation for UAE

Educational certificate attestation can be done with sate HRD requirements and without state HRD requirements. The procedures are not much different for these attestations. School leaving certificates, diploma certificates, university certificates etc comes under this category. All you need to know is its requirements and attestation procedure.

What is the Procedure for Attestation Services in UAE with State HRD?

  • The certificate holder should get an attested certificate document from the state HRD.
  • After this process attestation should be done from the ministry of External Affairs(New Delhi)
  • Attestation from UAE Embassy(New Delhi) is the third step of attestation
  • Finally, attestation should be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(UAE)


What are the Attestation Procedures without State HRD?

  • Notary attestation from Mumbai is the initial step in this attestation
  • Home department attestation (Mumbai) is the second step.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (New India) comes as the third option
  • UAE Embassy (New Delhi) comes as the next
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE is the final process in attestation

Degree certificate and passport copy are the basic requirements needed for both kind of this attestation with a duration of 7 working days.

What is Non-education Document Attestation in UAE?

Birth, death, marriage, divorce, provisional, medical etc are a few certificates in the non-educational field. All other certificates other than education may come under this category. The procedures for attestation without state home department is:

  • Notary (Mumbai)
  • Home Department (Mumbai)
  • Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • UAE Embassy (New Delhi)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UAE)

The Procedure for Attestation with State Home Department is:

  • Attestation from state home department which should be done by the holder
  • Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • UAE Embassy(New Delhi)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs(UAE)
  • Original marriage or birth certificate
  • Passport copy of husband and wife for the marriage certificate
  • Passport copy of father and child for the birth certificate

These are the basic requirement for attestation services and it may also vary from country to country according to their rule and requirements. This whole process takes about 7 Indian working days.

What is the Local Attestation Done in UAE?

Salary certificate, experience certificate, transfer certificate, police conduct certificate by Indian Embassy and so on.

Requirements for Salary Certificate is:
  • Applicant must hold salary certificate on company letterhead
  • It should only be signed by the authorized signatory
  • Should possess a computer card copy
  • Applicant should have commercial registration copy
  • Must have a passport copy
  • Must have an I.D card copy

Here one needs to possess attestation from Chamber of Commerce by the certificate holder for the registration of approval through online by the company, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation, Indian Embassy Attestation, are the procedures coming under this. The whole process takes only 3 Indian working days.

Requirements for Experience Certificate Attestation is:
  • Applicant must hold an experience certificate on company letterhead
  • It should be signed only by the authorized signatory
  • A computer card copy
  • CR copy
  • Must have a passport copy
  • Must possess an I.D card copy

Attestation from Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Concerned Embassy are its attestation procedures with takes a time period of 3 Indian working days.

Requirements Needed for Transfer Certificate Attestation is:
  • Candidate must have a transfer certificate with principal signature
  • Candidate should have passport copy of the father
  • Candidate must bring his/her I.D card copy of the father

In this section attestation is needed from the Ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Concerned embassy with a gap of 3 Indian working days.

Requirements for PCC Attestation is:
  • Applicant must have the original passport
  • An I.D card copy
  • Must possess 2 photos
  • Applicant must sign PCC form from the Indian Embassy

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