Divorce Certificate Attestation For UAE.

Divorce Certificate Attestation For UAE.

UAE is known as the land of dreams comprising of a mix of cultures, languages, and religions. Emaar like companies had reformed the skyline of UAE by constructing the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa and the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai mall. Before moving back one can earn a large amount of money by working in UAE because salaries are tax-free. In 2020 Dubai will host World Expo will no doubt have huge significance for employment and culture. The standard of living and the safety this country gives stick various people to the land of UAE.

Why asking this attestation?

Attestation on a divorce certificate shows the evidence of its originality and the department who attested the same accepting it in an official capacity. To avoid future complications all countries abroad ask this type of confirmations.

Why do divorce certificates need to be attested in UAE?

Lots of questions will be running in the mind of people who get divorced like needs for divorce certificate attestation, how to get the certificate attested, what all are the necessary documents needed, what is the duration and process involved in getting divorce certificate attested etc. For obtaining or cancelling Visa an attested divorce certificate is necessary to remove spouse name. It is also needed when you are applying for Visa from a single parent.

How to attest divorce certificates in UAE?

Divorce certificate attestation procedure varies depending upon the country and the also depends upon the intended to use country. In UAE, the local self government has to approve and certify the certificate first, afterwards the issuing country has to certify the certificates. This certificate should further needs attestation and approval from the Embassy and thereafter Ministry of foreign Affairs Attestation is the final procedure of certificate attestation in UAE. You need to ensure that your certificate is translated if your certificate is in a local language.

Is there any need for Apostille attestation in UAE?

On divorce certificates Ministry of External Affairs of Delhi is providing Apostille attestation by issuing stickers on divorce certificates. The divorce certificate must be attested by the designated authorities in the state from where the certificate has been issued for Apostille Attestation from MEA. The designated authorities for this certificate are the Home Department. The documents can be submitted in MEA for Apostille stamp after getting attestation from GAD. In some European countries apostille attestation is required to apply for family Visa.


Who are all the officers of attestation?

Officers of divorce certificate attestation are Section Officer, Gazetted Officer, Asst. Director, Asst. Section officer, Director, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Deputy Director, Notary Public, Consular, Resident Commissioner, Commissioner, Lawyer, Magistrate, Registrar of Divorce, Special Secretary, Under Secretary, Asst. Registrar, Secretary, Special Secretary etc.

Which are the centres for the divorce certificate attestation?

The centres for attestation in India and Abroad are Regional Authentication Centres of States in India, State Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs and Foreign Ministry, Consulates in India or Foreign Embassy, Consulates in Abroad or Indian Embassy, Foreign Ministry of Foreign countries, Ministry of Justice, Notary etc.

Which are the necessary documents needed for divorce certificate attestation in UAE?

The copies required for attesting divorce certificate are:

  • Original divorce certificate(of both the parties)
  • Copy of divorce certificate(of both the parties)
  • Passport copies of wife and husband
  • Passport size photos of both parties
  • Copy of Visa of spouse
  • Name added in the passport
  • Translation of divorce certificate

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