Salary Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the region today sharing land borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the south-west surrounded by the Arabian sea. It is ranked as one of the 30 most peaceful countries in the world by the Global Peace Index. Building nine eco-friendly iconic stadiums which can host up to 80,000 people, Qatar is gonna host FIFA world cup in 2022. Being a desert, Qatar has a diverse range of flora and fauna like Purple Island, it also possesses beautiful beaches like Dukhan Beach, Fuwairit beach, Simaisma beach etc.

What does a salary certificate really means?

An evidence granted by the organization to proclaim the employment of a person in the organization with full details of position, salary, employment period, and duties are known as salary certificate. In case of a crisis situation or personal matter, an institution can order for salary certificate and it is specified regarding a loan application to the bank. For any purposes of the bank, the employee has the ability to release the information entailing salary earnings, deductions and other requirements. This same information will be provided except for other reasons.

What is the relevance of salary certificate in Qatar?

Salary certificate in Qatar is necessary for various purposes like medical allowance from reputed organizations, to switch to another smart job, to enhance tax obligation by making full use of the available deductions, and it also helps to understand what percentage of your salary is forced to savings.

Is there any need for salary certificate attestation in Qatar?

Qatar requires attestation for all your certificates to prove that your certificates are genuine. The xerox copy and original certificate should be submitted for verification and also stamp or sign are required in the specific area of the document. Along with visa, you should be ready with the attestation of required documents if you are planning to migrate Qatar for job purposes.

What is the attestation procedure?

Mainly attestation is done in three different stages for salary certificates in Qatar. They are:

  1. Attestation from Chamber of Commerce
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation
  3. Indian Embassy Attestation


Attestation from Chamber of Commerce is mandatory in order to validate any document, only then the certificate becomes authenticated. After verifying your certificates they will attest your salary certificate by providing a printed Commerce of Chamber stamp and signature on it. You should make use of this certificate within 6 months or else go through similar procedures again after 6 months.

After getting attested from Chamber of Commerce and before submitting documents to the Indian Embassy all your documents should be done with Mofa attestation. Only after getting attestation from Mofa, one can apply for Embassy Attestation.
After Mofa attestation, Embassy Attestation is a mandatory and final process of salary certificate attestation.

What are the documents needed for attestation in Qatar?

  1. The applicant must possess original salary certificate on company letterhead
  2. The certificate should be signed only by an authorized signatory
  3. The applicant needs to submit a copy of company CR
  4. The candidate must submit a computer card copy
  5. The passport copy of the certificate holder is mandatory
  6. The candidate should submit Qatar ID card copy

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