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Human Resource Development is important for Degree certificate attestation. You can get your certificate legalized through HRD attestation by validation from your region, panchayat, or other government organization. Those certificates that are issued by religious associations cannot be considered as authentic. Most of the NRIs living in the GCC nations are from Kerala, the government of India has made attestation easy by assigning NORKA for attestation procedures. So, the attestation of Educational Degree Certificates that are issued from Kerala can be simply attested by NORKA centres in the state. This process of getting attestation is called NORKA Certificate Attestation and when the State Education Department is doing the attestation, it is known as authentication of the certificate. The certificate can only be attested in the State Education Department that issued the document, verifying the content and credentials of the certificate. Attestation is the true and accurate representation of authenticity of the certificate. State Education Department is responsible for the attestation of certificates that are issued by Government schools, Govt. Technical Board, Medical and AMP, Paramedical Institution, university, etc. After the attestation HRD, the certificate is fit to proceed for Ministry of External Affairs attestation. HRD attestation for other states can be done from the nearest secretariat. In case the certificate holder is absent, another person with blood relation can do HRD attestation with the ID proof of the person and the certificate holder along with all educational documents.

Everything You Need to Know about HRD Attestation

Everything you need to know about HRD attestation

Are you about to leave your country to the new world of opportunities to explore? We, New India, the provider of professional attestation services is here to assist you for a hassle-free migration and make you safe in the foreign country with all the support from our homeland. We undertake a wide variety of certificate attestation procedure for Oman, Qatar and UAE. Our services comprise GCC attestation, PPC attestation and HRD attestation. Get known more about different attestation and their procedures to get validated.

What is HRD attestation?

HRD or Human Resource Development attestation is important for the authentication of Degree certificate. You can get your certificate authenticated through HRD attestation by legalising from your region or other government organization after proper validation. It is otherwise known as Home Department Attestation since the documents are validated from the respective state home department from where it is originated. HRD (Human Resource Development) is considered to be a significant part in applying for employment, or for further arrangements abroad.

The HRD authentication procedure requires documents such as application structure, travel permits, photographs, unique declarations, duplicate of an appointive card and all year score sheets. HRD validation is a must for higher studies and job application in some foreign countries. A certificate is validated only in the issued state of education department after verifying the content of the particular certificate. Authentication is the true and valid depiction of the originality of that particular certificate. The state education department is attesting all certificate issued by Govt. schools, govt. technical board, medical and paramedical institution, university, etc.

After completing the authentication process the certificate can proceed to the ministry of external affairs and embassy attestation. Other states H.R.D can be finished by the accessible secretariat. If the certificate holder is not able to present before the authority, then the blood relation can do the H.R.D attestation with their I.D proof and the certificate holder I.D proof along with all educational documents.

Get known about other attestation services

High standard living style of foreign countries are appealing immigrants to their country for tourism and job purposes. Their visa formalities and attestation procedure, and rules are very secure and efficient. So every migrant have to follow those rigid procedures with them to get their immigration approved. There are many different certificates to be submitted with the embassy and all that should be validated by the underlying authorities to make the process more credible.

An overview of the attestation procedure :

Attestation of any certificate is continuing procedure that should be authorized by specific authorities. Attestation of certificates to the GCC nations takes 7 Indian working days to get processed.

The different stages are as following :

State Home Department Attestation – The first stage of the attestation procedure is to submit the original documents before the state department. The home department will begin a ground investigation at the source of the certificate. They will recheck with the original institution or office to confirm the originality of the certificate. Once the certificate’s authenticity is confirmed, the investigators will forward the report to the home department and that will result in attestation from the State home department.

Ministry of External Affairs Attestation – After attesting the certificate from the state home department, the Ministry of External Affairs will receive the certificate. They are responsible for authorising the attestation on behalf of our home country. They will review the attestation done by the state home department and their remarks. Once they confirm the credibility of the certificate, they will attest the certificate on behalf of our Indian government. Then they will do a special stamping and will upload the attestation and requester’s data into the official global site. Or otherwise, send the certificate to the embassy in India after Ministry of External affairs attestation.

Embassy Attestation – After collecting the certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs, the embassy will validate the certificate. From this point of the attestation process, information drawn from the certificate will be uploaded in the host country’s government official site so that both the employer and the worker can track the certificate through online. The embassy will attest the certificate if they find it genuine and will forward it to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Subsequently, they will also upload the collected information to the embassy.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation – Qatar Embassy will submit the certificate to Ministry of foreign affairs for MOFA Attestation. MOFA will verify the certificate and recheck the remarks to confirm the credibility of the certificate. On the other hand, the host country officials will update the status of certificate attestation after each procedure so that tracking the status becomes simple for both employer and the requester. Based on the validation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs will attest the certificate. This MOFA attestation will form as the declaration of host country government that the candidate has a genuine certificate and it is valid all over the region.

Why New India?

New India attestation, fast attestation service provider is a specialist in the field of certificate attestation, apostille and related services. As a professionally driven organisation, we have a committed and motivated team, who are targeting single-mindedly for our customer’s satisfaction. We understand our client’s need and are furnished with the best team of professional experts. Our focus is to provide the best of services at all times and to build a long-lasting, mutually benefited relationship with all our clients. Team New India provides our clients with a variant edge, when you give us the responsibility of collecting your certificate you can be assured with a supreme quality of our services. With the strength and commitment of our team we make it our business to understand our client requirements and closely match it with our standards. Let it be degree certificate attestation in UAE, birth certificate attestation in Qatar, salary certificate attestation in Oman, we believe in the satisfaction of our customers, our service is committed toward high standard at a reasonable rate.

We do our level best to give the best and most customer-friendly services. We are blended with a vision to give the ideal solution for your certificate attestation formalities from India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia & all G.C.C. Our goal is to acquire client satisfaction. New India Attestation is equipped with an online tracking facility. We inform our customers about the status of their certificates undergoing attestation/apostille by sending them messages regarding the most recent update that is being undertaken in their legalization process.

Our other services include:

New India attestation provides you with a wide range of services that should be accomplished if you are staying in a foreign nations. The range of services vary from educational, business and even accompanying your family over there.

  • Marriage, birth and death certificate, divorce papers
  • Salary, experience certificate attestation
  • Business set up, company documents, commercial registration, board certificate
  • Degree, diploma, engineering, transfer, provisional certificates, mark sheets attestation
  • Indian Pan Card services, Affidavits, legal their ships
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Other certificates

You only have to submit the certificates to be attested and we ensure you with a fast and reliable service without any delay. New India is here with you for all your certificate attestation needs.