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Marksheet Attestation

Marksheets are an integral part of the certification of every educational course. It evaluates the academic stamina and performance of the certificate holder. Whether you have completed a graduation or post graduation or any other level of educational programme, marksheets are a crucial part of it. While applying for higher studies or looking for a job, the mark sheets need to be submitted to the recruiters beforehand.

It is mandatory for the certificates to be attested before they are presented in a foreign country. Attestation ensures the authenticity of the certificates allowing the authorities to consider it for official purposes without any further verification. Marksheets issued in India will become eligible to be used in foreign countries for educational and employment purposes once they have undergone attestation by the concerned authorities.

Marksheet Attestation is the act of verification of the genuineness of a marksheet by authorized officials or government departments with their official seal and signature to authenticate the legal document. The educational certificates and marksheets are to be attested by the home department and external affairs ministry of the country of origin and the embassy of the destination country.


Importance of Mark Sheet Attestation

Attestation of any document is necessary for its legal validity and acceptance on the international level. Attestation of the mark sheet enables it to be used for a number of official purposes. These include:

  • Higher Education
  • Job Purpose
  • Professional change
  • Establish a business abroad
  • Dependant visa 
  • Change visa status abroad
  • Resident Permit or Sponsorship

Documents required for Mark Sheet Attestation

For every attestation process, certain documents are needed to be presented to the authority for their satisfactory verification. The documents required for mark sheet attestation are:

  • Original marksheets or consolidated certificates
  • Passport copy of the candidate
  • Visa copy of the candidate
  • Authorization letter (if applicable)
  • 2 Photographs

Authorities may ask for some more documents for further clarification. You may also need to furnish your contact details such as address and email id.

Procedure for Mark Sheet Attestation

Marksheet attestation is similar to any other certificate attestation procedure. Attestation begins with document verification at the regional level. Then it is followed by HRD attestation, MEA attestation and finally Embassy Attestation.

Notary Attestation is a preliminary procedure of attestation. During this attestation procedure, the document is verified by an authorized notary and a stamp is pasted upon their satisfaction. This enables further attestation procedure. As marksheets are educational documents, the educational institute such as a School/College that issues the certificate verifies the document’s credibility.

The State HRD sends a copy of the mark sheets to the educational institution. After satisfactory verification of the documents, the School/College sends a confirmed letter to the HRD informing the legality of the document. HRD validates the document with a proper seal and signature based on the verification done by the educational institution. This is a time consuming procedure. Attestation by sub divisional magistrate is another way of mark sheet attestation, which is relatively faster.

Once the State Level attestation is completed it is followed by MEA attestation. Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), is the final certification from the Government of India.

After the marksheet has undergone attestation by the MEA, Govt. of India, it can proceed for attestation from the foreign Embassy in India. The Embassy will attest marksheets once they are attested by MEA.

Time required and Cost involved in the Mark Sheet Attestation

The attestation process roughly takes a couple of weeks. However, the time varies according to the type of certificate and the country for which it is being attested. If it is a busy season and the offices are occupied with a lot of work, then the process might take extra time. The cost of attestation also depends upon different factors. It varies according to the university issuing the certificates.


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How To Get Mark Sheet Attestation

Hey guys,

Planning to do your higher studies in the middle east?

If you have made the decision, they must have made the preparations, right?

But have you gotten your mark sheets certificates attested, or do you know about it?

If it’s a yes, then you can skip the following information, but if you don’t know about mark sheet attestation, then you must read this.

Why certificate attestation?

Before diving into mark sheet attestation, let’s first know about what is a certificate attestation. It is a procedure in which your important documents are checked and its authenticity is verified by the authorities. It is an important process that must be done as it ensures legal status for your certificates and only after getting these documents you can do you what you came for such as pursuing education.

Certificate Attestation

Attesting certificates is needed so that it ensures that you are not faking your details for doing a specific purpose. Verifying the documents makes you secure and proves that you are not a security threat in a foreign country.

When it comes to certificate attestation procedures, there are three categories of certificates that can be attested which are educational certificates, non-educational certificates, and commercial certificates.

Attesting mark sheets

Mark sheets are considered important documents for a person. These fall under the category of educational certificates. Since attesting educational certificates are needed for pursuing a higher education course or for employment purposes, don’t ever think about not attesting your mark sheets.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Normally the attestation of mark sheets involves attestation stages by various departments starting in your home country. When going to attest, you must have the following documents which are passport copy, bonafide letter, final year mark sheet(original) and consolidated mark sheet (original). The attestation process is explained below.

The first stage of attestation and verification is done by the Notary department in your home country. After successful verification, the second stage of verification and attestation is done by the Home department.

Once the Home department successfully verifies the documents, the next stage of verification is done by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). After successfully authenticating, an MEA stamp is placed on the document and is headed towards the Embassy of the concerned country where the document is legalized.

Choosing the right one

With the availability of many agencies for certificate attestation in Qatar, choosing the right one must be done with caution. Since you are dealing with important documents, it is extremely important to make sure that the one you are choosing is a genuine one.

To make sure that the agency is a genuine one, it is recommended to check their track record. By considering this factor, you can know if they are having a consistent flow of business activities maintained. You can also check their websites for information about their services and what they offer.

Attestation office

This gives us a brief idea about the agency and how they have offered their services to different clients. In Qatar, there are many well-known agencies that provide certificate attestation services for educational, non-educational certificates and commercial certificates. Among them, New India is considered the best-reputed attestation agency known for its attestation services in Qatar.

Why New India

New India provides only quality certificate attestation services within the fastest time period. Our services include attesting educational certificates mainly degree certificate attestation, mark sheet attestation, diploma certificate attestation, etc.

Certificate attestation procedures are long and time-consuming if done by you alone. This is where New India helps you by minimizing the waiting time for attesting your important documents.

We have several years of experience and a well-established track record in attesting different types of certificates. Our services are fast and efficient such that the entire attestation of your documents is done within 7-10 days time frame, which is indeed fast enough.

Other than educational certificate attestation, we attest non-educational certificates and commercial certificates such as company documents, invoices, tax receipts, etc. Many well known reputed people have used our services and all have become satisfied with our services.

Attestation Agencies

In case if you are in a hurry don’t worry as we offer 24 Hours Attestation Service for your certificates so that you don’t have to worry about time issues. We also provide a tracking facility for your documents using your unique tracking number given to you at the time of availing our services.

If you are planning to go abroad for either employment or studies in Qatar, make sure that you attest your certificates through New India.

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