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Before Moving into Qatar with Your Family

Qatar can bring you a form of cultural experience, you will come to see a new way of living in another country that is so much different from your own. Qatar was listed as the world’s richest country in 2013 by Forbes and according to the UN, it is considered to have the highest human development. Every day a minimum of 500 expats arrive in Qatar making it a home for a multitude of expats, those relocated for work, and those enticed by the luxury life in the country. The country is blessed with beautiful beaches, breathtaking desert landscapes, and many entertainment options. But the problem with the country is that the temperature can rise up to 50℃ and so can see no green in Qatar, everything cemented and concrete. If you are new to Qatar with your family there ‘ud be lots of concerns running through your mind. New People, New place, new laws, everything would be new that might bring in concerns and bafflement. You are living in a world of internet, but there are not so much about migration to Qatar. Here are answers, not for all, but more the most of it. The blog explains about visa services in Qatar and its procedure. Read and get to know more about the attestation services in Qatar.

Family Visa

Not all expats are allowed to bring in their family unless they are earning more than 10,000 QR every month. Every couple must be married to live together in Qatar, also, you will not be able to bring your children to the country if you are not married to your partner. Your family will be in Qatar on some special entry visa and you have only one week to start the processing for the residence permit. This involves medical tests, fingerprinting, Hepatitis, HIV, etc. Don’t worry, your sponsoring company will be guiding you through those processes. There are lots of Visa services who can help you out in getting your family visa.

Education for your Children

Many of the professionals moving to Qatar take their children with them. This has brought the condition that every school gets filled very quickly and the top ones will have long waiting lists. There are companies who struggle to recruit professionals from abroad because there are not enough schools for their children. Also, most of the schools are open for application for a short period of time every year, in January. And if you cross this period your child is likely to be listed as waiting applicant. There is a formal assessment for children of all ages in many of the schools in Qatar. You are supposed to bring along all the educational certificates that compulsorily should undergo attestation. The good part of school admissions in Qatar is that due to the constant shifting of expats in the country has made the fees free throughout the year. So, it is always advised to apply long before, right when the admissions are open in January.


When you have Health Issues..

Qatar is having a sound state health care system that anyone can rely on- Hamad Medical Corporation that provides free emergency treatment for all those registers, even for the expats. But many expats go to private hospitals due to the long waits in public hospitals for treatment. Private hospitals are expensive for maternity and complex operations, in particular. See whether you are provided with the medical insurance from your company for you and your dependants. In order to apply for health insurance, you are supposed to bring long required documents that are attested. Have an appointment with reliable attestation agencies near you to know the procedures.The government is in serious plan to establish a universal health insurance system so that every company will be forced to provide insurance to its workforce.

Driving License

Those who hold a valid license from any country are free to drive in Qatar for not more than a week. You are supposed to apply for the International Driver’s License(IDL) after this. IDL is valid for six months from the date of issue. Keep track of your residence permit, right after you receive it your IDL becomes invalid and will need to apply for Qatari driving license. If you are not having an International License from your country you can manage it by a temporary license in Qatar which is also valid until you receive your residence permit. It is always advised to take defensive driving lessons of the country before you drive on those rush roads. Qatar is a country that strongly sticks to rules and regulations, so make sure your documents that are submitted while you apply for a driving license are attested. Reliable agencies provide fast certificate attestation that too with affan ordable attestation charges if you need license urgently.

Rights of a Women

Women have all the rights to drive and you are not forced to wear abaya(the long black gown worn by Muslim ladies). But you are supposed to wear modestly covering shoulders, midriff, cleavage, and knees. You are all free to enter and leave the country under the sponsorship of your husband without the need for an exit permit. Also, you can work under your husband’s sponsorship if you have registered with the authority.


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