Residence Visas and Permits in UAE

Residence Visas and Permits in UAE

UAE is one of the richest places in the world and hundreds of people immigrate to it in search of a job, business growth, and a better living. Well, this land is blessed with all the luxury you’d wish for an elevated lifestyle. Everything you need is here, most modern technologies, all kinds of commercial industries, first-rate education, security, handsome salary for qualified jobs and so on. This is why many people rush into UAE and set up their family living in the country. But due to this heavy inflow of expats, certain rules have been made strict, regarding immigration and visas. There are a lot of reliable visa services in UAE that can be with you all along to get you what you need.

When an ex-pat flies down to UAE to live indefinitely in the land, he/she must be having a residence permit which is different from residence visa. The permission for residence will be stamped on the passport of the applicant. In case of a residence visa, the person is allowed to enter UAE once within the two months of its date of issue. Also, it is compulsory that every document must be legalized including visiting visa, educational documents, personal documents and undergo attestation. If the applicant is not using the visa within the time frame, then he will have to extend it for another 30 days and after this, he should apply for a new one. It is permitted to stay in the country for 60 days from the day of entry. So, residence permit application must be submitted within this time. Residence visa is important for all those who wish to live in the country for an indefinite number of days like if their husband is already a resident in the country and his family is coming to the place to live in with him. People who enter UAE for employment and have to stay in the country do not need a residence visa but an employment visa where the company employer will act as a sponsor. Also, residence visa and family visa attestation is mandatory in the country, if you fail in doing this, the document will no longer be valid in the country.

Residence permit allows you to stay in the country for three years which is the normal period granted to the expats. But the Immigration Authority can also shorten the permitted time but with a minimum of one year. There are actually two types of residence permits:

  1. Residence permit for or with employment
  2. Residence permit without employment

The first type is granted normally for 3 years and the latter may vary depending on the sponsor. For example, if the sponsor in a non-UAE, may it be your relative or spouse, the period of residence is limited to that person’s period of residence. The person is supposed to leave the country after this period. You can get all the assistance related to your residence permit from the best attestation service around the country. The permit becomes invalid if the person spends more than six months out of the country. This rule is exempted for the following persons:


  • UAE nationals’ foreign wives
  • People traveling for medical reasons.
  • Off to another country for educational purposes
  • People sent abroad for training or professional courses who are working in public authorities or public sector establishments.

A person who has received the residence permit is allowed to sponsor some individuals those who wish to visit the country, like a family member, provided, he satisfies certain conditions. The foreign resident who is sponsoring must meet minimum salary requirements i.e, AED 3,000 every month with accommodation by the employer or AED 4,000 without accommodation. You can get a clear idea of everything related to the sponsorship from the attestation agencies near you, this would be a great help to you. Mosque leaders, bus drivers, and teachers are exempted from this law. Also, light car drivers, domestic helpers, and labourers are not allowed to sponsor even if they are fitted with the salary requirements.

UAE is a strict country where any duplication or lawbreaking is caught efficiently and will be punished hard. So, make your entry legal with the right procedures in UAE. There are plenty of attestation companies who can aid you in authenticating your documents as well as helping you with the immigration and visa services and rules.


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