MoFA Attestation in Oman

MoFA Attestation in Oman

Attestation has become important for all those who are planning to go abroad for their studies, job, business set up or settlement. Every documents that you hold which was issued from our home country is mandatory to be attested by an authority, to be used in another country for various purposes. Now what is attestation? It is the process of validating the document by an authorised person, a department or an authority using seal and signature. This process certifies that the attested document was issued from a legitimate institution or board and that the seal and signature it holds are original. Attestation has become this relevant because there has been many cases where candidates brought up fake certificates for their various need in foreign countries. But in the long run it becomes clear that the credentials about the person or firm that the certificate showcase are wrong. Attestation procedures include various levels like HRD attestation, MEA attestation, MoFA attestation and Embassy Attestation. HRD and MEA attestation are already explained in other blogs, now we will look into MoFA attestation in Oman.

MOFA or Ministry Of Foreign Affairs is a government department who is responsible for the diplomacy of every country. This is commonly headed by a minister who is appointed by the governing authority. MOFA is responsible for the conduct of foreign relations. Authentication that is issued by MOFA for a document will increase its credibility. This level is the final attestation procedure for every type of documents to use them in that country. MOFA attestation is important for applying resident permit through Labour Ministry in Oman. This attestation is also mandatory for family visa in countries like Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

The documents required for MOFA attestation:

  • Original Certificate
  • Mark sheets(if required)
  • NOC letter (in some cases)
  • Visa copy
  • Colour photo
  • Passport copy


MOFA attestation is given for certificates like;

  • Educational certificates
  • Personal certificates
  • Commercial certificates

MOFA attestation is done after getting validated by the Embassy of the country. The legal verification by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is done by imprinting the seal and signature by the designated officer or minister. Only then you will be able to use the document for applying family visa or for any other purposes in Oman. If the officials find the document as fake, the candidate will be subjected to face legal consequences in the country. Oman, being a strict, rule abiding country punishments are hard for faking and any other illegal activities. There are various levels under MOFA that must be completed in order to get the document attested by Ministry of External Affairs. First, the documents must be attested by HRD of your state where the certificate was issued from. This verifies that the document holds genuinity and was given out from a legitimate authority. Second, it should be attested by Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Third, the document is brought before Oman Embassy for further attestation. And after completing all these attestation procedures, the document is taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication. When your document gets attested by MOFA, it becomes credible for further procedures in the country.

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