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Degree Certificate Attestation

A degree certificate is an important document among the various certificates that require attestation to use in a foreign country. Degree certificate attestation is mandatory if you want to use it abroad for official purposes.  Attestation ensures your certificates are issued by a legal authority and are authentic in nature enabling them to be used without further certification

With advancements in technology, transportation and communication more and more opportunities are being unlocked in different countries. It is essential to validate your qualifications and credentials through the process of attestation, before being accepted into an educational institution for higher studies. It is a crucial procedure to get into a job in a foreign land.

Types of Degree Certificate attestation

There are three kinds of documents that undergo attestation: educational certificates, non-educational certificates, and commercial documents. A degree certificate comes under the educational certificate category.

There are different types of degree certificates and each of them requires you to go through attestation. A few of them are:

Attesting degree certificates gives them the required recognition and ensures authenticity as they undergo a series of attestation processes. This makes the certificates legally valid internationally.

Attestation of degree certificates is mandatory to obtain a visa in many countries. Whether it is a work visa, student visa, or even permanent residency degree certificate attestation process is essential.

Every recruiter needs to see your certificates to ensure your qualifications. If you are applying for a job overseas, you are required to submit attested certificates to assure them of the validity of your degree. This procedure significantly enhances the chances of gaining employment abroad.

In various fields, including engineering, education, medicine and many more, the path to obtaining a professional license or certification often necessitates the authentication of one’s academic degrees. This crucial process serves a dual purpose: it not only serves as concrete proof of your eligibility by confirming your possession of the requisite qualifications but also as a formal endorsement of your competency to actively engage in your chosen occupation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) handles the foreign affairs of Gulf countries. For countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, MOFA attestation is the further procedure.

Procedure for Degree Certificate attestation

The process of degree certificate attestation is similar to any other kind of educational certificate attestation.

The following steps are included in the degree certificate attestation process:

At the regional level, the government notaries verify the authenticity of the document. For educational certificates like degree certificates, universities issuing the certificates usually manage this step.

Following notary level verification, the engineering certificate proceeds to the state level, where it is validated by the Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). These departments and officials attest to the certificate with their signature and seal after successful verification.

MEA can proceed with either normal attestation or apostille attestation depending on whether the destination country is a party to the Hague Convention or not. In normal attestation, a stamp is pasted on the back of the certificate, whereas in apostille attestation a stamp and an apostille sticker are fixed. The External Affairs Ministry is responsible for the final attestation by the government of the documents’ origin country.

In some cases, the Embassy of the destination country may further validate the documents. Here, the embassy of Qatar will thoroughly examine the documents in this step.

MOFA attestation is the concluding step in the document attestation process for countries such as Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This step is mandatory for these countries to use the documents. MOFA attestation is a requisite for a work permit or admission to universities abroad.

  1. As the initial step, the certificate must be certified by a public notary in the origin country. 
  2. The certificate should also go through the state level attestation.
  3. he Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) further, verifies the credibility of the documents.
  4. After MEA, the degree certificate must be attested by the embassy or consulate of the country you want to use the certificate.

In instances, where your certificates are not in Arabic or English, you may be asked to translate them to proceed with the attestation.

Important documents for Degree Certificate Attestation

Certain documents are required for the attestation of degree certificates. These include:

  • Original degree certificate
  • Mark list
  • Passport
Time required for Degree Certificate Attestation

Usually, attestation procedures take a couple of weeks’ time. Your ignorance regarding the steps involved in the procedure may cause you to lose your valuable time. If you want to expedite the process you can seek our help. We deliver the attested certificates in the least time possible.

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