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Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

Attestation of non-educational certificates is an important process before you fly abroad. This is required to ensure the credibility of the documents through standard verification processes and confirming it with the official seal and signature of the concerned authorities. Non educational certificate attestation makes your certificates legally valid and usable in the foreign country. 

There are various kinds of non-educational certificate attestation. These include the attestation of personal documents such as birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, death certificate attestation and divorce certificate attestation.Attestation of Commercial documents also fall under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. 

Different Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

There are various kinds of non-educational certificates which need to undergo attestation to be used in a foreign country. Certificates other than education come under this category.

Various Purposes of Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

Different non-educational certificates are required for different reasons.The attestation of an experience certificate is necessary for employment. Transfer certificate is to be attested for education purposes. To claim financial assistance and insurance benefits, death certificates need to be attested. Likewise, non-educational certificates are attested for various purposes. These include:

  • For employment purposes
  • To pursue higher studies
  • For migration purposes
  • To get residence visa purposes
  • To begin a business abroad

Documents Required for Non-Educational Certificate Attestation

Attestation of different non-educational documents require different certificates. Generally the below given documents are required for non-educational certificate attestation. These documents have to be presented to the respective concerned authorities for verification.

  • Original Certificate
  • Copy of Passport

Regardless of the type of certificate you have, attestation is a necessary process, if you desire to go abroad for any purposes.

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