Passport Services in Oman

Passport Services in Oman

The Indian passport is issued by the President of India to its citizens that allows the passport holder to travel across the globe. It serves as a proof of Indian citizenship in accordance to the Passport Act (1967). The Passport Seva is the supreme authority to issue India passports to all those eligible citizens in India on demand. It is a unit of the Consular, Passport and the Visa (CPV) Division of Ministry of External Affairs. There are three types of passports namely, Ordinary passport, Official passport, Diplomatic passport. The former type is used issued for ordinary people to travel for vacation, studies, employment and business trip. Official passport is issued for individuals representing Indian government on official business which is a type S passport were S stands for service. And Diplomatic passport (type D) is issued for Indian diplomats and high ranking government officials. If you are in Oman at present and you need to issue passport for your new born baby, or renew or duplicate it if lost, you cannot get it from India. All you can do is seek help from any Passport Services in Oman. Also, the applicant for passport or related services must be physically present in the Sultanate of Oman and the concerned office at the time of application. It is also compulsory for minors and even newborn babies.


General Guidelines to apply for Passport Services in Oman:

    • Every ordinary passport is credible for ten years from the issue date, after this you will have to renew. Yet, the Passport Issuing Authority (PIA) has the right to issue passport even for a shorter time. For minors, passport is usually issued for five years or upto 18 years of age, considering which is earlier.
    • Whichever Passport service you rely, it should provide proper application form in all respects ( all columns must be correctly filled with nothing left blank or unfilled or vaguely filled with tick, dash, etc.) Any other form of application will be rejected. It is compulsory to fill in the application with blue or black ball point pen. Applicants such as minors, infants or illiterates who cannot affix their signature should put thumb impression in place of signature. Female should use their right hand thumb impression and males, left hand thumb impression. Submit your application form along with the appropriate fee.
    • If your passport was expired more than one year back the application must be supported by a sworn affidavit that explains the circumstances for late arrival. Also this affidavit should be signed by the applicant in the presence of Consular Officer.


    • In case of any emergency service for passport issue, it can be availed by payment of an additional fee of R.O 58.100 under Tatkal Scheme in addition to the normal fee, were the applicant is eligible for this service.
    • Tatkal Service is available only between 8 am and 9 am on all working days..
    • If your current passport is issued by another Passport Issuing Authority, submit the Personal Particulars Form in duplicate along with pasted photos. And if the passport is issued from India you will have to submit Personal Particular Form (india). Else, if it was issued outside India by some Indian mission, submit Personal Particulars Form (missions).
    • The applicant signature should perfectly fit in the prescribed column (4.5 cm 1.5 cm). The first, last and surname column must be filled correctly.
    • Ensure that in the permanent address column, complete the address including pin code precisely.
    • The application and documents along with it are to be accompanied with the photocopy. It is mandatory to produce all
      relevant documents to prove your identity in India.
    • The service document is by choice delivered to the applicant itself or the person authorized by the applicant while submitting the application.
    • The photograph of the applicant must be in dark color along white background and of size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm. The photo should be of your frontal view where both ears and chin to forehead are visible. Eyes open and clear from shadows, on face or on background.
    • Under the Passport Act 1967, it is an offense to furnish false information in your application. The passport facility will be refused on suppression grounds of material information incorrect data submission damage or loss of passport or illegitimate change/intrude.
    • Holding more than one valid passport at a time is an offense.

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