Apostille Services in Oman

Apostille Services in Oman

Located in the Persian Gulf, Oman is a peaceful and wealthy nation that attracts every kind of business to this economically booming land. This prosperous nation is having huge wealth largely because of its petroleum and allied industries. Indians has been migrating to Oman for over fourty years, only because the country is the most hospitable and friendly nature towards Indians. Also, the cost of living there is among the lowest in the region. Oman is a strict, rule abiding country, where every documents should be legalized and any fault will lead to dismissal of entry permission. Either if you are planning to relocate, work, do business or settle in Oman, you need to apply for visa and present relevant documents with apostille. For this you must have an elementary understanding about the procedures involved, we will look into it in brief.

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The apostille document is a valid and legalized type attestation in all those countries which are members of the Hague Convention. Any document which are issued from the home country and that need to be used in another country must be legalized, or apostille before they can be certified as authentic in foreign countries. Apostille is a valid certificate that verifies and confirms the signature and seal of the person who validated the specific document. Oman joined the Hague Convention by signing in the Apostille Treaty on Jan 30, 2012. This is the only country to accept the Apostille treaty in the Gulf Cooperation Council. By this treaty the government of a receiving country is bound legally to accept those documents issued by the apostille office of the sending country, mostly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So the receiving country accepts any document even if they are not attested by its embassy in the sending country.

Attestation is important when one gets a job or apply for residence permit in Oman, it also accepts apostille procedure. Oman Embassy attestation take so much time and the documentation is tough, particularly for degree certificate, so most companies suggest the employees to for Apostille. The procedure for Apostille is:

    1. Apostille from Home Department

Every documents issued from your home country must be validated by the HRD of your respective state. This verifies that the certificate was issued from a legitimate authority and that the document is real, also, the seal and signature it holds are genuine.

    1. Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs(MEA)

After getting legalized by the HRD, it must be authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

    1. Apostille from Oman Embassy

This is the final step in making your documents valid to be used in Oman. After the apostille from Oman Embassy, your documents become authentic and can be used for employment, education, commercial purposes, apply visa, and many more.



Things to consider before seeking help from Apostille services in Oman:

    • Accessibility

Every genuine Apostille services in Oman is highly accessible at any time. They would be keen in serving you and respond quickly to your needs 24*7 without delay by person, email, fax, etc. Any firm that cannot be easily accessible by the customers are unreliable for your apostille service. So, before depending them for legalizing your documents, make sure they are accessible all time.

    • Registration with MEA

Every authentic country that provides quality apostille services must be registered with the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. Do not go behind some useless agency and get yourself trapped. Always look for MEA registered Apostille service in Oman to make your documentation in the safest hands and get it done perfectly.

    • Customer Support

A professional apostille service is always customer supporting that makes them highly reliable throughout. The customers are updated with all the details regarding their documents every now and them. Also, a reliable firm is always responsive and resolves all your queries and doubts.

    • Confidentiality

A quality apostille service always keeps confidentiality for your valuable documents. No information regarding you must be exposed or used illegally by the firm or its employees. So, get a written declaration stating complete confidentiality of your credentials before handing over your documents.

New India Attestation services in Oman is the perfect helping hand for all the apostille, attestation services and other paperworks and visa services in Oman. We have well dedicated professional team to get your documents legal even if it is urgent certificate attestation we’ll get it done perfectly. New India attestation is a legalized agency to offer you quality service for all kinds of documentation procedures.



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