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Every company in the UAE requires the services of a Government Liaison Officer, otherwise known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO. PRO services refer to all activities related to processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labour cards, and company trade licensing, documentation and approvals. As one of the leading business formation and support providers in UAE, Oman and Qatar , New India Attestation Services offers a range of PRO services, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to individuals and companies.


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Requirements for Setting up a Business Legally in UAE

UAE has become a business centre that attracts lots of business tycoons around the world. The Emirates is a flourishing place in the globe with numerous high fi buildings and business scope. The place is also a strict, rule abiding country that has hard sour punishments and no one can get away breaking rules in the country. If you are planning to set up your business in UAE, there are many legal procedures that you have to know and is compulsory. UAE is rigid when it comes to company or business set up, especially the legal requirements. No need to stress out, those processes are easy with the PRO services in UAE. An efficient PRO team can handle your licensing, registering and other business set up procedures to make it hassle free. New India attestation is a trustworthy firm to provide excellent PRO services and business set up in UAE.

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The company type and license options depends upon what your company intend to do in UAE. There are many business opportunities available in UAE including manufacturing, software solutions, services or distribution. You can select from 7 different Emirates and more than 40 free zones to choose from, it is not just limited to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You location should be the key to connect yourself to the suppliers and distributors effectively. Although the free zones are largely popular in UAE, they are not apt for every business. It is better that you set up onshore because you can do business with other onshore entities that includes government departments and the semi government companies. In order to set up a company in the UAE you should have a registered commercial address. Depending on the amount of square footage a company rents for the set up, many of the free zones limit the number of employment visas that a company can issue. In Dubai onshore this is little more flexible, but still the office size and employee count are linked.

Documentation requirements may curb the process while setting up a business in the UAE. Other than the UAE commercial documents, you would also need to produce agreements and leases, additional paperwork from your other branch would be requested. Gaining a business license is a hard and lengthy process, so bear this in your mind while discussing with your potential client. You can seek help from New India attestation services for any kind of business setup in UAE, any kind of paperworks or attestation in UAE.

Now let us look into the steps involved in setting up a business in UAE:


Spot your Legal Form and Activity

This is the first step to apply for your business license. Determine the type of activities and the type of business you are planning to start. You need to figure out the exact nature of your business, not some random activity as a branch of your company, a limited liability or as an establishment. Moreover, the conditions, rules, fees and requirements for setting up a business may vary in UAE based on the type or nature of the activity/activities involved.

Trade Name Registration

This is the second step after you find your activity and legal status of the business. The name must be unique and different from other business firms. Also, the trade title must reflect the activity and legal status of your company. There are certain conditions while selecting your trade name which includes:

  • The trade name should not be previously used or currently registered under the same business industry
  • The name must match with your business activity and legal status.
  • The name should not violate any public law and order.
  • Your trade name must not be the same as any local or international names that is registered with the Ministry of Economy.
  • Trade name should not be misleading to the consumer or clients.
  • If your trade name did not meet the terms and conditions set by any department, then the Department of Economic Development has complete right to cancel your trade name.

Get Approval

After you register your trade name and obtain the certificate, get approval from the Department of Economic Development(DED) in order to acquire all other proposals with ease and speed. This preliminary approval is valid only for 3 months from the date of issue, you will have to obtain a new certificate to continue with other procedures.


This is the final step in setting up your business in UAE after obtaining all necessary approvals. The document that you will have to submit in order to get the license depends upon the legal status of your business. If your documents are in foreign language you should translate into Arabic by a legal certified translator UAE and get it attested by the Ministry of Justice. New India is the perfect solution for getting your commercial attestation in UAE with ease.



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