What Should You Know About PRO Services

What Should You Know About PRO Services

Every one of us must have faced a situation attestation procedure. It may be part of personal or other professional reasons. We all need certificate attestation when it comes to family visa attestation, applying for labor card, or company trade licensing. We all know that the attestation is not an easy task to be carried out for normal persons like us. It is not impossible but time consuming and tedious burden. Excellent PRO service providers can help us to overcome this difficulty and make everything in a soothing manner.

Document Attestation

You may wonder why attestation service is a necessary thing when boarding into another country. Attestation is a way of government authority to ensure your genuinity or claims to be true. Without required government seal and authentication, your document will not have any value. Especially, in foreign countries like Oman, Qatar, and UAE.

Document Attestation

PRO Services

Expansion of the word, PRO is a Public Relationship officer. Every company in every country requires PRO service as a part of Document attestation and verification. Another name of PRO is Government Liaison Officer. PRO services related to all government documents and paperwork. Getting a PRO service is beneficial and a need for companies as well as individuals. Using PRO service, you can apply for employment visa attestation, business license, and more similar services.

Generally, PRO services include the following:

  • Getting authentication from government and other departments
  • Getting approval for a various document for different purposes
  • It includes Employment visa, Labour card, Family resident visa, and trade licence.
  • Tie up with various government departments for a smoother function
  • Document clearance in various departments

At New India, we provide PRO services mainly in Oman, UAE and Qatar. Attestation procedures slightly vary from country to country. The following are the few PRO services take place in different countries.

Qatar is also situated in Western Asia and it is also an arab country. Without PRO service, your attestation has no value in Qatar.

  1. Renewal of trade license
  2. Company registration
  3. Residence Permit for employers
  4. Visa Services
  5. Translation ServicesCertificate Attestation

Oman, officially known as Sultanate of Oman is an arab nation on the southern coast of western asia. It demands PRO services for every legal transaction and some of the services includes the following.

  • Renewal of Family or work visa
  • Renewal or amendment of trade licence
  • Residential Permit
  • Company’s official documents and attestation
  • Attestation of commercial documents
  • Legal Services
  • Translation Services

PRO Services in UAE includes:

    1. Employment visa and labour card
    2. Renewal or amendment of trade licence
    3. Residential Permit
    4. Company’s official documents and attestation
    5. Attestation of commercial documents
    6. Legal Services
    7. Certification and copyright services

Certificate Attestation Procedure

Attestation procedure has three tires.

1) State Attestation

It is the attestation takes place first in one’s homeland and you can get attested your credentials and after that go for Ministry of Educational Attestation process. Without this, your documents will not have no value in another country. State attestation office confirms and verifies documents ensuring credibility.

2) Ministry of External Affairs Attestation

MEA attestation is prepared simply after attestation by those appropriate state authorities.It needs for all types of documents. It is an indirect procedure in a central level carried out by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is prepared later the MEA attestation. It is the last phase of attestation procedure carried out by Oman embassy.

There are two types of attestation. One is educational and the latter includes all non – educational certificates.

  • For Educational Attestation
  1. HRD authentication from the respective state government
  2. Ministry of External affairs apostille
  • For Non-educational Attestation
  1. Home department attestation from the state government
  2. Apostille from Ministry of External affairs

New India attestation services, being one of the best attestation agencies provides matchless PRO services for companies as well as individuals. It has a long term flourishing experience in the field of attestation and gives you the best service. You can track your document attestation procedures with your email and be free.

Certificate Attestation Agencies

We always understands your hectic lifestyle and that is why we have tailormade free pick up and delivery services. Your documents are all secure in all stages of attestation and provides insurance. For us, your happiness is prime factor than payment. So, you can relax in your home and collect all necessary documents at your doorstep. After that, you can make reward us with a joyful heart. Professional attestation services is safe in the hands of New India attestation corporation.

New India Attestation Services offers a variety of attestation services including PRO services. Being, one of the best attestation agency in Oman, Qatar and UAE.

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