Residential Visa in Qatar

Residential Visa in Qatar

Qatar was once the poorest land in the Arab Nations, but now has raised to one among the richest. It is a high income country with the world’s largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves . Qatar is identified by the highest per capita in the world. The country is classified by UN as very high in human development and is considered as the most advanced Arab state for human development. Do you love to visit Qatar knowing about this majestic land? There are lots of agencies that can provide you with visa and passport services in Qatar. The country holds disproportionate influence in the world and is regarded as a middle power across the globe. With all these attractions, Qatar influences many people to the country for tourism, business set up and even settle there. The support they give for development in each sector is out of words. They are booming enormously in infrastructure, economy, education, tourism and more which makes the country a perfect place to settle down with your family. The residential visa in the State of Qatar is now simple and easy after the new revised law that ensures protection of all rights of the immigrants. New India can help you with reliable visa services in Qatar. So, you can bring along your family with you to live in Qatar. Also, you spouse can work in Qatar after being registered in Recruitment Department, Ministry of Administrative Development, and the Social Affairs.

Basics in Residency Permit

Any nationality can apply for residency who have the requisite sponsorship from a family member or an employer. Most of the applicants are supposed to enter the country first using an entry visa that has some restrictions.Your employer is the one who is responsible to handle all required paperwork for obtaining the Residence Permit. When the candidate first enters the country, the employer have to arrange temporary visa that will be converted to a Work Residency Permit which takes 2-4 weeks of time. The applicants are not supposed to leave the country during visa to permit conversion period.

The Residency Permit

After the expatriate gets the Work Residence Permit, can access other services, keep agreement for rental accommodation, apply for licenses and other permits, get loans and so on. Well, another benefit of Residence Permit allows you to sponsor your intimate family members (children, spouse) to live together in Qatar. This visa should be renewed each year for extending your family stay in Qatar. Each of your family member, even infants need individual Family Residence Visa. You can purchase the Visa for 1-5 years and also stamps this in every family member’s passport. There are certain documents that are required to submit while applying for Residence visa.Your spouse in Qatar on family sponsorship can register to work without any separate work permit. Every foreigners must be sponsored to get residency visa in Qatar. Generally there are three types of residency visa:


  • Work Residence Permit

This permit requires an employer to sponsor and is valid for one to three years. With a no objection certificate you are able to change sponsors after two years.

  • Family Residence Visa

This visa is available to the immediate family member of you if you have a work residence permit. It is valid for one to three years and must be renewed afterwards.

  • Real Estate Visa

This visa is available for overseas owners who has property in designated developments and is valid for five years until your property is sold.

Documents Required:

  • Salary letter from your employer that has a minimum of 10000 QAR
  • NOC of the company dated within the last three months
  • Copy of work visa and passport
  • Copy of Education Certificate that is attested by MOFA of your country and Embassy of Qatar which which may be asked to translate into Arabic. New India is the reliable partner for Education Certificate Attestation in Qatar and the translation services in Qatar.
  • Passport copy of spouse and kids
  • Marriage Certificate attested by MOFA and Qatar Embassy. Do not get tensed, there are many agencies who can help you in Marriage certificate attestation in Qatar.
  • Attested Birth Certificate of your kids, New India can provide you with perfect Birth certificate attestation in Qatar.
  • Rent agreement that is attested by municipality.
  • If you work in a private firm, then six months bank statement must be submitted along
  • The letter of Job Contract which is signed by both parties and stamped by Ministry of Labour which will be done by your company.

All these document are compulsory to be attested before submitting the application for your Residence Visa. No documents that are not attested will not be accepted by any Qatar authority or organizations inside the country. Attestation is the process of authenticating your documents by an authentic person, or department or an authority using seal and signature that certifies the document as genuine. This process ensures that the document was issued from a legitimate authority. New India attestation services in Qatar is the perfect partner for attestation in Qatar. We offer you the most trustworthy services in attestation and apostille services in Qatar, UAE, and Oman.


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