Tips to find job in Dubai while on Visit Visa

Tips to find job in Dubai while on Visit Visa

Dubai is one of the global financial and trade hub that offers enormous opportunities for those who dream really big. This land attracts youngsters and other expats from every corners of the world with the bait of best business and employment opportunities. It is a cosmopolitan city that is well located on the global map that every youngsters dream of. This city is rich in world class comfort and luxury that offers tax free salary to its employers that can help you stabilize easily in the country. There are lot more to choose Dubai for setting up your career-more job prospects, better salaries, security, quality living and more. If you are into it, you’ll get it. If you are on a visit visa in Dubai, your chances of getting a job of your educational qualification is low. Also, if your passport is expiring soon, get instant help from reliable passport services in Dubai so you don’t have to return without a job. But all these should not stop from your job hunt, take your chance and go for the big shot. You would need high skills, experience and the confidence to excel in the process of job hiring.

Remember, you need to be professional in everything you do, from job search to the interview to thanking note, everything should tell them you are perfect for the job. No sympathy will work out in Dubai for employment, whether you are in poverty or your visa expires soon, these will not change the decision of hiring manager, because there are lots of people out there with more skills and experience waiting for an opportunity to get in. So, tuckle up and get ready to hunt down your job. If you are on visit visa, the duration should be at least 3 months for you to get hired and coming to Dubai for one month visa will do no good. There are many visa services you can rely on for more information and services related to your visa. Now we will discuss some tips to get into your job while in Dubai on visit visa.


Start Your Search as Early as Possible

It is good to start your job search way before you reach Dubai, once you enter the country, you will have only 1-3 months(visa duration) to search, apply, get called and attend the interview. These processes will take some time, so you should have enough time after you apply for a job, to get into or try another. Your job search will be more productive if you research the job market of Dubai thoroughly before you arrive the city and also keep a list of those companies where you would like to apply beforehand. Be very careful while your job search in Dubai. Keep everything accurate and perfect, all in a professional way. Also, seek help from an attestation agency to get all your educational and personal documents attested which is compulsory for your job hunt in Dubai.

Reach on Right Time for your Job Search

Though hiring happens throughout the year in Dubai there is ideal time for you to start your job hunt. It is advised to avoid reaching Dubai during Ramadan season since the working hours are shorter than the usual days. Also, it is good to avoid summer season since the temperature reaches the peak during day time and you will find difficult to travel around. Many of the hiring managers and recruiters will be off for vacation to some cold destinations in order to avoid the Middle East summers

Make your CV and Covering Letter Professional

It is important to make your CV and covering letter attractive and professional since this is what your recruiter see first before you. Make the employer convincing about our skills with the killer CV.

Create daily targets

Now you will be having a list of companies for which you would apply, keep a daily target to focus on. Decide yourself for which all companies you will apply today, tomorrow, and so on. Be well organized in your job search, apply for more than five companies a day.

Document Required While Job search in Dubai:
  • National ID card
  • Passport size photo
  • Passport and it’s coloured copies
  • Original school certificates
  • Original college certificates
  • All mark lists
  • Original certificates of any top achievement awards
  • Visa and its copy

It is important to get all these documents attested to prove its genuinity in the country. There are lots of attestation services in Dubai who can help you get your documents legalized. Document attestation is important in the country, and if not done, you could even get rejected from getting hired.


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