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Authenticated documents are now required on mandatory grounds for every legal procedure that involves your documents. You might be even subjected to difficulties and rejections legally if you have not ensured the attestation of your documents from the government of your respective country.

According to the recent rules and regulations put forward by the government, certificate attestation is very important and only the attested certificates are being asked for submission for various purposes especially if you are being hired for a job.

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Therefore it is quite necessary to have your documents attested from an entrusted source especially when it comes to certificates that would be regarded to your personal proofs.



Among the documents that are usually required for attestation, there would be some documents that you would be asked for on mandatory grounds.

The Passport

Being the most important document of your identity, the passport or a passport copy would be required along with the other documents. As we all know that our passport will be the basic documents that would be asked for every legal action we would have to go through.

The visa

You visa copy might be asked by the law to verify your permission to stay in the country while seeking for the attestation. This is only an attestation procedure to verify that your stay or entry to Oman is approved and legal. Visa copies are also asked to be submitted in most of the legal procedures you would deal with.


A passport size photograph would be required to verify the ownership of the document being submitted for attestation.

The photographs are required for almost all the attestation procedure as it is the most solid identity they would have at every stages or verification.

An authorisation letter

An authorisation letter would be of prime importance for some authorisation process. This would be a document that you would have to give the most important concerns.

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We all know that law works with the consent and knowledge of the departments within the country or the concerned departments outside the country. This may not be a document that would be asked for all the attestation process.

The original certificate

If you seek to attest a certificate or document that you already have in possession, then you must have the original certificate on submission to the most obvious concerns. This may not be a document that would be required for all types of attestation as an application for the issue of an entirely new certificate could also be the case.



You must also know the commonly concerned departments that are involved in the process of attestation that we would have to deal with in the country on Oman. These are the direct parties of authorisation from whom the most important verification and approvals are required.


This department of law deals with foreign citizen support and dispute resolution by holding the state’s diplomatic agreements and relations with the foreign countries.

Especially if you are a citizen from abroad, the ministry of foreign affairs would be an important department to go to in most of your legal processes.


The ministry of education deals with most of the educational certificate attestations that are very well required as the documents that determine your qualifications.

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This would be the department from which most of the authorisation for your education-related documents and processes would be processed.


The department of the government deals with the promotion of public health and related services. The department would be the concerned authority that would authorise your personal certificates like the birth certificates and other documents like life insurance.

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