Experience Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Experience Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Experience Certificate Attestation comes under non-educational certificate attestation obtained by working professionals. Work experience Certificate is nothing but a formal letter provided by an organization to its employee. Without this letter, his or her experience in that particular organization will not be testified by others.

Name of the worker organization, name of the post or designation, time period of your work experience, etc. will be included in your work experience certificate that can make your experience more authenticated. For those who are seeking job offers abroad, the applicant should take destination country’s legal permission to use this certificate. This is why experience certificate attestation is done which makes it more reliable and credible. In accordance with a country’s legal system, every country has its own procedures for granting attestation. Mainly working professionals go for experience certificate attestation so that they could achieve more employment opportunities making their certificate eligible for that particular country.

Experience Certificate Attestation

work experience certificate is required if you are looking for a job in Qatar. New India Attestation can provide the best attestation services available in Qatar. New India Attestation becomes a trustworthy brand by providing all types of Qatar embassy attestation with reasonable attestation charges.

Following the new MOFA regulations, we help you in getting your experience certificate attested without any trouble unless your documents meet the attestation policy of the Qatar government. By attesting your work experience certificate you legally get authentication to work in Qatar.

Usually, a candidate consults any good Qatar attestation services like New India Attestation to get their certificate attested. Since fast attestation service is our hallmark we do not tolerate any delay or error in the whole process. Your International job opportunity will never get postpone by any mistake from our side. General purposes of Experience Certificate Attestation are:

  • An attested experience certificate is demanded from the candidate by reputed agencies for a job offer.
  • To attend job interviews abroad an attested work experience certificate is mandatory.
  • To obtain higher education also it may be needed.

Experience certificate attestation

The applicant should submit the original experience certificate and a copy of the passport in the concerned embassy for getting certificate attestation. The embassy officials will validate the originality of your document and then will execute the whole procedures of attestation finally imprinting a seal or signature to the certificate. It is this official seal or signature make your certificate valid in that country. By a proper Experience Certificate Attestation, the applicant gets authentication from the destination legal system.

For Qatar attestation services mainly two types of procedures can be followed to obtain experience certificate attestation.

Procedure 1

  • Attestation of Home Department
  • Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs
  • Attestation from Notary
  • Attestation and Legalized from Qatar Embassy

Procedure 2

  • Attestation of HRD from State Level
  • Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs
  • Attestation and Legalized from Qatar Embassy

Notary Attestation

The first step of Certificate Attestation. It is carried out at the local level by the concerned officials present at the local notary.

Experience certificate attestation

Mainly the District notary attestation department and state notary attestation department verifies your work experience certificate.

HRD Attestation

After notary attestation, your state home department will do the Verification process. The state government will be checking the originality of your work experience certificate.

MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) then certifies the material and provides MEA Stamp as proof of verification. Once done they will forward it for Embassy attestation. It is important that you get an attestation from Ministry of External Affairs otherwise you find it difficult to get Embassy attestation.

Embassy Attestation

The respective embassy of Qatar or Oman will approve the document once the attestation from MEA occurs. Sometimes it can pass on further for re-verification.

New India Attestation finishes all the procedures on time without making our customers wait for their attested certificates. Experience Certificate Attestation by authorities with their official seal and mark affirms that your certificate is legitimate. As an expert in the field of certificate attestation, we focus on customer satisfaction. The needs of our customers are met on time with the best professional services. Our experts will be happy in serving you. Please contact us for more details.

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