What should you know about PCC attestation?

What should you know about PCC attestation?

Attestation of certificates is a compulsory requirement in order to avail different types of services legally, particularly if you are travelling or staying abroad. Generally, the attestation processes typically take quite some time when the whole process is done manually by us. Attestation is typically done for different types of documents such as educational certificates, non-educational and commercial certificates. This blog describes PCC Certificate attestation and how is it done.

Well, What is PCC and why is it important?

Ring any bells?

Police Clearance Certificate

Short for Police Clearance Certificate, It is a clearance certificate issued to a person by the police department of the person’s native region. This is one of the essential documents to have if you are planning to make a trip abroad. This certificate is very important because it can effectively reject your travel if you are found involved in any criminal cases as it checks if you have been found involved in any sort of serious criminal issues.

What is Attestation?

It is basically a procedure in which your documents are checked to verify its authenticity. Once it is verified, the document is signed with the official signature and the seal of the verifying authority. Attesting the certificates are essential to applying for various services. If the certificates are not attested then they are not considered legal which in turn makes you ineligible for applying any services that require submission of legal proof.

Who requires a PCC certificate?

This is pretty much simple, all those who are planning to go abroad for employment, for starting a business or for attending higher studies or bringing someone requires this certificate. In fact, travel to a foreign country is not possible without getting this certificate. The objective of this certificate is to ensure that the respective person is not a threat in any means to the country where he/she intends to go.

How attestation services are done in Qatar

In order to do anything legal in Qatar such as job, business or applying government services, your certificates should be attested and made legal. The certificate attestation services in Qatar are lengthy because of its through verification processing by many departments. The certificates are attested by the Qatar Embassy but before that, it goes through different stages of verification and attestation procedures by your respective countries attestation offices.

The following documents required for PCC certificate attestation are :

The first stage of attesting the certificate is the notary attestation, which is done by the respective regional office authorities. Once the certificate is verified, a valid status is given and sent to the next stage. The second stage of verification is done by the Home Department of the person’s country. After successful verification, it is sent to the third verification stage which is done by SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) of the respective state.

Police Clearance Certificate

After successful verification from the SDA, it then verified by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) in your country. Once the verification is complete and successful, the document is given an MEA stamp and considered a legal document.

The final stage of certificate attestation procedure is done by the Qatar Embassy and is considered valid. There are many reputed and legal attestation companies in Qatar that have considerable experience and a good track record that performs the tedious task of attesting different certificates such as educational certificates, non educational certificates and commercial documents. Out of many agencies, New India is considered the best in attesting certificates of different types. The following section describes how do we attest the certificates within a short time frame.

How New India does the attesting

Generally speaking, attestation services are quite long and time consuming. This is where New India saves the day by minimizing the waiting time for attesting the certificates. With considerable years of experience and a well established track record in attesting different types of certificates, We are the best agency in Qatar for attesting your certificates. With fast and efficient services, all processes relted to certificate attestation is done within 7-10 day time frame, which is indeed fast enough.

Police Clearance Certificate

We also provide 24/7 support for our customers and have dedicated tracking facility on our website where you can check the status of your certificate attestation using the unique code given to you from anywhere at anytime. If you are looking for a well-reputed certificate attesting agency in Qatar, no doubt, New India is the best company there is that offers the best attestation services for different types of certificates.

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