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    Authenticated certificates are required at every crucial point in you life. The mere proof for one’s existence in our society is dependent on genuine and valid certificates. Thus, certificate attestation in UAE is as important as making any other valid proof. UAE is a place where getting the certificates attested is a tedious task and it requires lot of formalities to undertake. For a common man, going through all these proceedings is not easy and hence they opt for agencies that helps to deliver easy attestation from required authorities. Certificate attestation in Dubai is much more easier compared to UAE, but as corruption is more in Dubai, it takes an amount of money to make these attestation happen.   

    Many important certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates etc. are always prone to attestation and attesting these certificates becomes easy, when approached through an attesting agency.

    How to Attest Birth Certificate in UAE


    UAE Birth Certificate Attestation can be made possible from the  certificate issued country. For making use of the certificate in UAE, certificate is attested from that particular Home department /MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go. We can finish all the processes whatever it may be even if the certificate holder is not there in the Issuing country.

    The procedure to attest birth certificates in Dubai and Qatar are similar.  

    How to Attest Marriage Certificate in UAE    


    If you are moving to UAE with your family, there is a definite requirement for the attestation of your marriage certificate to avoid all the legal difficulties in UAE. The marriage certificate is analyzed by the concerned home department and they state that the certificate and the signature of the particular country are genuine and considers the marriage certificate to be valid in UAE. In Dubai and Qatar, many people are approaching attesting agencies for the same. It is not mandatory for the person to be present in the issuing country. Online attestation of certificate in UAE is also available these days which makes the process easy altogether.

    Other certificate attestation in UAE is also common, diploma certificate attestation in UAE is becoming more popular as more and more people move to UAE for job-oriented purposes, for them the attestation of their diploma certificate becomes mandatory. Salary certificate, death certificate. SSLC certificate etc are done and most them are done with the help of certificate attestation services in UAE.