Death Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Death Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Death is an inevitable phenomenon, once that happens certifying the same becomes mandatory. Attestation of the certificate is also equally important. By attesting the document it will be considered as a valid one. This document is then presented to the concerned authority for availing the bank details or other legal proceedings.

Documents Required for the Death Certificate Attestation Services

There are certain documents required for the attestation service of the death certificate in Qatar. They are:

  1. Original certificate
  2. Passport copy
  3. Authorization letter
Procedure of the Death Certificate Attestation

There are certain procedures when it comes to attesting the certificate. The attestation procedure of the death certificate are as follows:

Attestation from the Home Department

The document is first attested by the home department, where the document is verified by the concerned authorities of the home department.

Approval from the Ministry of External Affairs

After the document is approved by the Home department, it is attested by the Ministry of External affairs.

Why New India?

One of the most authentic attestation services, New India attestation services makes the process of the document attestation easy and simple. Attestation services of New India attestation agency offers services at Qatar and Oman.

Other Attestation Services Provided by New India

Apart from the death certificate attestation services there are other attestations provided by the New India. They are:

Marriage Certificate Attestation

When you register your marriage certificate, it is mandatory to attest the marriage certificate. New India attestation agencies provide marriage certificate attestation.

Salary Certificate Attestation

Salary certificate attestation is important to validate that your certificate is genuine. New India attestation services provide attestation services for salary certificate.

Experience Certificate Attestation

As soon as you get the experience certificate, it needs to be attested by the concerned authorities. Leading attestation services agencies, New India has been rendering the attestation services for experience certificate.

Transfer Certificate Attestation

The transfer certificate issued by the authorities are to be attested by the concerned department for it to be considered valid. New India attestation services provide attestation services for the Transfer certificate.


Diploma Certificate Attestation

This certificate is important for those who wish to go Oman,Qatar etc. By attesting the diploma certificate the document is considered valid in abroad. The most trusted attestation services, New India provides diploma certificate attestation.

PRO Services Attestation

Most of the companies require PRO services to all the governmental documents and paperwork such as visa applications,labor cards and company trading licencing. New attestation services company has been rendering cost effective and efficient PRO services to all the companies and individuals.

Degree Certificate Attestation

The degree certificate acquired from the concerned university needs to attested mandatorily to validate the document. New India attestation services provide attestation services for degree certificate.

Provisional Certificate Attestation

Provisional certificate attestation is an essential procedure to ensure that the certificate is valid. New India attestation provides attestation services for Provisional certificate.

Business Set Up Services

Every organisational entity or enterprise needs authentic official documents to prove their authenticity. New India attestation services agency provides business attestation services.

Commercial Registration

Commercial document registration of any firm is important if they are planning to move their firm abroad. New India attestation services provides attestation services of commercial registration.

Affidavit Attestation

An affidavit is an important legal document as per which the person has to go as per by law. New India attestation services provides attestation services for Affidavit.

Company Document Attestation

Another important attestation services is the company document attestation. Attestation of this document is essential for availing sanction for extending or beginning a company. One of the prominent attestation services company, New India provides attestation services for company document.

Medical Certificate Attestation

When the person working in abroad has to leave for his home for emergency reasons, he/she has to get his medical report attested by the concerned officials. New India attestation services company has been rendering certificate attestation for medical certificate/report.

Birth Certificate Attestation

As soon as a person is born, it is important to certify his/her birth. This document is needed to be attested for it become valid. New India attestation provides birth certificate attestation.

Pan Card Services

Apart from attestation services, New India attestation services provide Pan card services. The pan card is given to every customer within a span of 15 days.

Hence these are some of the other services provided by the New India attestation company. Death certificate attestation services is very essential for the document to ensure the authenticity of the certificate.

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