Tips To Choose The Provider Of Genuine Attestation Services

Tips To Choose The Provider Of Genuine Attestation Services

The current era of information technology has made many developments and changed our lifestyle a lot. People started migrating and looking for jobs and started studying abroad. We have become an open economy.

Different nations have different rules and regulations and we have to follow those rules while going abroad. Here comes the importance of certificate attestation and other documents.

Today, New India is here before you to share some details regarding genuine attestation services and the ways to know its genuinity.

Let us begin with the basic information about attestation

Attestation of a certificate is the procedure by which your certificates or documents such as personal, educational, and commercial papers are made valid after checking the genuinity by the concerned government authorities to make it authentic to legally use it in a foreign country.

Certificates to be attested:
  • Marriage certificate
  • Salary certificate
  • Pan Card Services
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • Medical Reports
  • Legal Heir ships
  • Affidavits
  • Birth Certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Business set up
  • Board Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Private Diploma
  • Death Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Company Documents
  • Provisional Certificates

You can submit your documents with the authorities and they will validate the furnished information and then imprints their signature and seal them with the common stamp. The apex body which has been appointed by the Indian government to undertake procedures of attestation is the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Can you submit the certificate by yourselves?

Yes, you can. But the rigid procedure may make you tired with submitting the documents with each concerned authority and waiting for the same to get attested.

Why we need the help of an agency?

You will get a lot of advantages by using the services provided by an established attestation service providing agency. For getting your personal certificates attested, you need the authentication from notary and Home Department.

Let us discuss with an example

If you are planning to migrate to a foreign country for work, then you have to get your personal documents such as birth certificate attested from the Home Department. If you are planning to move along with your family then you must have to get marriage certificate attestation as per the rules and procedures mentioned with the attestation of marriage certificate for the respective nation.


In the case of educational certificates, your documents are required to get attested from HRD Ministry as per the needs and procedures of the specific nation.

Since the process with governments takes a lot of time, it takes more time when you are applying directly. Obtaining the stamps on your documents will be a hectic task to complete. And may take a lot of visits to the concerned offices to get it completed.

What all things you should be taken care of while choosing an agency providing attestation services?

1. The agency should have a sound track record in rendering services – A vast years of experience sometimes have no importance over getting things done effectively. Only an excellent past record of their services can assure you with good services.

2. It should be reliable and of providing prompt services – Since you are furnishing them with your valuable documents, make sure that they are reliable and provides prompt and fast services. An efficient agency can make your certificates attested within a short span of time.

3. Should have an accurate tracking facility – A tracking facility can make you able to check the status of the procedure associated with the attestation. It will give you an assurance that things are going well.

4. Good customer support team, which is available for 24*7 – You have the right to get connected with them since your documents are given to them on trust. A good agency will have an efficient customer support team.

5. Maintaining confidentiality with your documents – Your personal details, as well as your documents, should be kept highly confidential.

Hope you have got some ideas regarding attestation services.

Do you have any certificate to get attested for going abroad?

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