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Educational Certificate Attestation

Globalization and ease of travel coupled with technological advancements have resulted in the creation of more jobs and educational opportunities like never before. Educational certificate attestation is an important procedure to follow, if you want to travel abroad for higher education or employment purposes. Authentication of your educational certificates following stringent procedures  by concerned authorities is known as educational certificate attestation.

Attestation of your degree certificate, diploma certificate, engineering certificate, etc., comes under educational certificate attestation. Attestation ensures that your certificates are genuine and legally valid, which makes it acceptable for official purposes. Proper attestation, make sure that no forged documents enter into the system.

Different Educational Certificate Attestation

Educational certificates are attested to prove its credibility. Attested certificates facilitate smooth processes abroad  and enhance the chance of your selection, if you are applying for educational/job purposes.

Various Purposes of Educational Certificate Attestation

Properly attested documents can be used on multiple occasions for different purposes such as:

  • For employment 
  • For higher education
  • For migration
  • To attain resident visa
  • To start a business abroad

Documents Required for Educational Certificate Attestation

  • Original educational certificate 
  • Copy of Passport

The process of educational certificate attestation may vary from country to country. The documents required depend upon the certificates you wish to attest. Generally the above given documents are required for educational certificate attestation. As an initial step, these documents have to be first presented to the respective authorities for verification