Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

The attestation of educational certificates for jobs, higher education, or settlement, whatever it may be, the procedures are all hectic. Some may have no idea of getting it done well. The long waits and exhausting energy while running behind your attestation can be brought to a halt. There are many UAE attestation services all over to help you out. Attestation is generally done to verify the genuineness of the certificate provided by the candidate or concerned department. Before granting a UAE visa, the government requires all educational certificates, that are issued from India to get attested by the Indian Embassy or the Consulate of UAE and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE government. UAE Attestation services know every detail about it.

<>Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

We are living in a world where we get anything and everything fake, from mobile phones to degree certificates. We have fake addresses, names, brands, certificates, professions, labels, documents, and more and more. There are experts in creating them for a handsome amount of money that cannot be distinguished from the original. Everything would be perfect. That is why every government is keen to block any loophole for the fake to get into their country. This is the reason for strict and inflexible rules for immigration and external affairs, so attestation is mandatory in UAE to validate their immigrant’s bona fide.

Academic or Degree certificate attestation in UAE is done to verify the genuinity of the same and whether the applicant possess required qualification to be their student or resident. The candidate can be the one seeking admission in a UAE school, or for higher studies or a job. The professional/academic certificates hold the quality measure of all, which should be absolute. Usually educational certificate attestation in UAE is done for:

  • Higher Education
  • Family Resident Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Admission in school


The educational attestation procedure involves three steps:

1. Get Attested by HRD of the state

Home Department Authentication is the process of validating educational documents. Each state of India has an HRD department where the university or board or council is located and from where the same document would be issued.

2. UAE Embassy/Consulate

When a candidate is going abroad for higher studies or a job, the certificates must be legalized by the embassy of that country and consulate of India. Before taking documents to the Embassy/consulate those have to be preauthenticated from HRD/Notary/Mantralaya.

3. Ministry of External Affairs(MOFA) of UAE

For foreigners in UAE, Ministry of External Affairs is where the documents of your country are stamped for the UAE government to start your processing. You will have to submit the paperwork to the governing body for a visa, but beforehand it should be attested by MOFA at Bur Dubai.

UAE Attestation is simple when you have the perfect helping hand to get it done smoothly and error-free. New India Attestation is the epitome of any type of attestation, be it birth, marriage, intermediate, health card, salary, business, educational, degree certificate attestation in UAE. Stick to the rules and go the legal way, we help you get your attestation done within 7 India working days with utmost safety.



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