Educational Document Attestation In Bahrain

Educational Document Attestation In Bahrain

Bahrain commonly known as ‘The Pearl of The Persian Gulf’ is situated in the middle of the coastline of the Arabian Gulf. Out of 36 islands, Bahrain is the largest which represents almost 83% of total area of the Kingdom’s islands. King Fahd bridge links Bahrain with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain guarantees all forms of equal treatment to all sexes. Most people migrate to Bahrain mainly for jobs and educational purpose. So, it is necessary to know about educational document attestation in Bahrain.

What attestation really means?

Attestation is a procedure done to prove the document is genuine by signing one’s name to it. This is proof to show that the copy of an original document is true which is demonstrated by his/her signature that an instrument has been executed in his/her presence harmonious to the formalities. Attestation is a relevant procedure for all sorts of documents.

The relevance of attestation In Bahrain

As Bahrain is not included in Hague convention attestation is very important when planning to move to Bahrain. To get Embassy attestation all certificates should get attestation from the concerned state department. It is known as Norkka attestation in Kerala and state authentication department (H.R.D) in other states. Attestation for an educational certificate becomes relevant for students opting for Bahrain higher studies and also for those who are planning for Bahrain jobs. Generally, attestation can be done in two ways, one is attestation without state H.R.D and the other is with state H.R.D.

Bahrain education certificate attestation procedures without state H.R.D
  • Role of Notary – For all formal purpose of Bahrain all types of certificates are needed to be attested. The whole process starts with Notary. After getting attested from Notary, submit the document for home department attestation.
  • Role of Home department – You need to get an attestation from home department, before submitting documents to ministry Of Foreign Affairs. After verifying the contents of certificates, home department will authenticate the certificate. State H.R.D attests all certificates of the government.
  • The certificate is further proceded to External Affairs & Embassy Attestation.
  • Role of MEA Attestation – Before making the submission to Bahrain Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation should be done for all required certificates. This is done for all non-educational, commercial, and educational certificates.
  • Role of Bahrain Embassy Attestation – For further educational document attestation from MOFA you need to get attestation from Bahrain Embassy for all personal, educational, and academic certificates issued from India for granting a visa.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation – After getting attesting all documents, you need to get MOFA attestation from ministry from where you are planning to move for employment or studying.

Procedures for Bahrain education certificate attestation with state H.R.D
  • Role of state H.R.D – This stands for Human Resource Development Department. Before submitting documents in MEA, one needs to possess attestation from state H.R.D. This name is different for different states like H.R.D, Norka, GAD etc but the attestation procedure is same for all states. This should be done by the candidate within their respective state.
  • Role of Ministry of External Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MEA is under the government of India located at New Delhi. MEA attestation requires HRD attested certificate before submitting documents to Bahrain Embassy. For MEA attestation a candidate cannot apply directly, rather requires the help of any attestation agencies.
  • Role of Bahrain Embassy – For all foreign country based planning Bahrain Embassy attestation is very important. But for this, you need to seek the help of certificate attestation agencies because nobody can directly apply for Embassy attestation.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA ministry of Bahrain will make their final attestation only after attesting the documents issuing from the state or country.

What are all its requirements?

For educational document attestation services, the following are the requirements for both with and without H.R.D:

  1. Original Degree Certificate
  2. A copy of your passport

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