Certificate Attestation in Saudi You can Sum Up

Certificate Attestation in Saudi You can Sum Up

As we all know Saudi Arabia is a country with many distinct features. It is the only country where women’s are restricted from driving. Abaya for women and thobe for men is the unique dressing pattern found here. Islam Mecca is the congregation of worshippers in the world during Hajj where thousands of people perform their sacred duty every year and also the largest camel market in the world is hosted here.

What is the Need for Attestation in Saudi Arabia?

Certificate attestation is the process in which documents are being verified or executed in his/her presence according to the formalities required by the law. Mainly for all foreign countries attestation is necessary to get Visa for migrating because is the proof given for your document showing it as genuine. There are many types of attestation in our country, it will depend upon your needs.

Check out with the Types of Attestation You can Count in Saudi Arabia.

Go in detail with the attestation procedure of Saudi Arabia

Educational Documents Attestation

These are the five basic steps needed in this section. The attestation procedure takes a long duration when you are doing it by yourself. Seeking help from any attestation agencies is much better in this case.

  • Firstly, the certificate holder should get the document attested from the state HRD.
  • Secondly, the offer letter should also be attested by the certificate holder.
  • Thirdly, attestation should be done by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • After getting attestation from External Affairs your documents should be submitted before the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi for enabling their attestation.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair Attestation is the final step in this procedure.

Requirements for Educational Attestation Documents

  • An original copy of Passport.
  • Original copy of Degree certificate
  • Original offer letter attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This whole process takes 90 Indian working days.

Non-Educational Document Attestation without Home HRD

  • Attestation from Notary Mumbai is the initial step.
  • After getting attestation from Notary the documents or certificates are passed to Home Department Mumbai for further procedures.
  • Ministry of External Affairs attestation from New Delhi is the succeeding step after HRD attestation.
  • Saudi Embassy attestation from Saudi comes as the next.
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi is the last and final step of this procedure.

Requirements of Non-Educational Documents Attestation like Marriage, Birth, etc

  • Copy of original marriage and birth certificate.
  • Original passport copy of husband and wife(Marriage certificate).
  • Original passport copy of father and child(Birth certificate).

20-25 Indian working days is the duration needed for this type.

Non-Educational Documents with State HRD

  • The certificate holder must get attestation from the state home department.
  • Followed by the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi.
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation joins to it as next.
  • And finally, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Saudi completes the cycle.

certificate attestaion

20-25 Indian working days is the time period required to complete this procedure.

Local Attestations in Saudi Arabia

Salary certificate, school leaving certificate, transfer certificate, experience certificate, PCC by Indian Embassy are the local attestations provided in Saudi Arabia.
The procedures are common for these certificates. They are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attestation from concerned Embassy.

Requirements for Experience Certificate

  • Experience certificate on company letterhead.
  • Should be signed only by the Authorised Signatory.
  • A computer card copy.
  • Commercial registration copy.
  • Passport copy and I.D copy.

Requirements for Salary Certificate

  • Salary certificate on company letterhead.
  • It should be signed only by the Authorised Signatory.
  • Commercial registration copy.
  • Computer card copy.
  • ID card copy.
  • Passport copy.

Requirements for Transfer Certificate

  • Transfer certificate with the signature of concerned Principal.
  • Passport of father.
  • ID card copy of the father.

Requirements for PCC Certificate Attestation

  • Passport size photos(2).
  • Original passport.
  • ID card copy.
  • A signed PCC form from Indian Embassy.

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