Frequently Asked Questions About Attestation And Apostille

Frequently Asked Questions About Attestation And Apostille

As many people have frequent queries on Attestation, Apostille and Legalization of documents, here we see about the most frequently asked questions by the clients during the process.

What is attestation? Why do so?

The process of verifying the authenticity of original documents which a person need to submit after receiving the signature of an authorized verifying department. When a person plans to visit abroad country, the foreign ministry of that particular country would ask for all the documents required to submit need attestation or apostille.

What is meant by Hague Convention?

As the verification process in the embassy is a very tedious and time-consuming task, many countries have come forward and collaborated their united decision in this case. To make the process easy, with the help of above said multilateral treaty several countries joined ideas together and formed this Hague Convention. This was held at 1961.

The specialty of this convention is that the countries which fall under Hague Convention need no particular embassy attestation provided by the country they wish to make a journey. Now there are 118 countries under Hague Convention.

What is apostille and why apostille?

This is the legalization of any document for international needs. A certificate is provided by some authorized department according to the specification by the country that the person wishes to travel. An apostille is don’t in the countries which have signed for Hague Convention. Nearly 118 nations participate in this process.

Steps involved in attestation of a document in India

Basic thing of the legalization of a document is by submitting the Xerox version of his/her valid passport and all the original documents as required by the country the person wishes to travel.

In some of the countries, the required documents may vary according to the purpose of travel.

We have to carry out
2.Home Department
3.Ministry of External Affairs

Duration taken to complete the whole process may change from country to country in accordance with the terms and conditions for each, respectively.

For example, attestation of UAE embassy needs two more additional steps. After this, the documents undergo authentication by the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.

We have various services to different countries like:


Are your original documents in safe hands?

Attestation departments are a group of experienced hands working together with proper knowledge about the privacy and safety of your original documents. So in New India Business corporation, our experienced and authorized persons only handle your original documents. This is in order to make sure that your private details are not breached.

Expenses on the whole process

It is always advised to ask your attestation expert at your help to know information about the duration and fees structure etc. Considering a variable difference in the fees and duration, each country shall have their own time taken to complete their procedures and deliver the documents. Fees structure faces a dependency on the type of attestation chosen. The time-consuming task is the cross-checking of the original documents with its place of issue.

If applying for student visa, what documents are required?

Mentioned below are the mandatory documents for a student visa:

  • Pass certificate of qualifying exams
  • Evidence of passing the English language proficiency test
  • Mark sheet of qualifying examination
  • Original student visa document
  • Xerox of passport which is priorly attested by the notary

NOTE: Documents required for students from India varies depending on the country that one person chooses to apply.

Documents needed to submit for an employment visa

It depends upon the nature of the job type. We can broadly classify the jobs into skilled and unskilled works. For an application towards skilled work, he/she should submit the

  • Employment contract
  • Application form duly filled
  • Employees original passport with a copy
  • Copy of a valid company card
  • Application fee
  • Valid health certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Job contract

Note: the required documents set would vary according to countries. you have to make it clear with your foreign employer and embassy of the country you wish to go for a job.

Does the document need re-attestation if once did?

NO, if your documents are attested once by HRD(Human Resource Development) attestation or MEA(Ministry of External Affairs) attestation, your document’s validity is throughout the lifetime and no need of a re-attestation.


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