Oman Embassy Attestation Procedures

Oman Embassy Attestation Procedures

Legal system in Oman :

The legal system in Oman is based on Islamic law and Indian common law, which follows an ultimate monarch system in the ruling. They are following sultanate history and heritage and it is an Islamic monarchy in the Arabic Gulf. Oman is a composite result of four main districts such as Muscat, Musandam, Sohar and Al Barimi and composed five ruling areas such as Internal, Central, Middle, Eastern and the Al Zahira. The sultanate territory having its capital Muscat and they gained independence in July 1970. A new era of Judicial system and administrative reforms have introduced by the Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Sayyid in the Sultanate period. The judicial proceedings in the Sultanate of Oman have been largely organized in a charter issued by the Royal Decree n°101/96 on 6th November 1996. Royal decree is a primary legislation promulgated by the Sultanate of Oman. Read the given blog about the procedures of Oman Embassy Attestation and the attestation procedure.

Legislation in the Sultanate of Oman consists of two types mainly, which is primary legislation and secondary legislation. We already mentioned the primary legislation, whereas the secondary legislation is issued in accordance with ministerial decisions pursuant to specific powers entrusted by the Royal Decrees to the concerned administrative or ministerial body. A perfect blending of Anglo-Saxon law and Islamic law is made in the composition of Oman legal system. The basis of legislation is subject to the Islamic Sharia law and major religion in the state is Islam.

Attestation Procedures :

The Embassy of Oman provides facilities in legalizing all the documents and certificates by the government of Oman, which further helps us in many ways. The proper sanctioning of all required documents provides high liberty in the judicial areas while we are moving into Oman.

Essential benefits achieved through Oman Embassy Attestation :

  • It is important to have these attested documents if you are moving to the country and it ensures all benefits of this authentication.
  • It can help you start working there as an employee in any of the firms with this legal paper.
  • It can avail hospital facilities as a citizen if an emergency strikes.
  • Assistance for children to apply for schools in Oman and also for further education purposes.
  • It is required for applying for a resident visa and also required for applying for a family visa.
  • It is important in the case of a hierarchy change in the job format along with a change in salary structure.
  • It is necessary for giving power of attorney and getting death benefits and also for applying for a spouse visa.

How can the documents be submitted?

The documents can be submitted on an individual basis and approved through many attestation service providers. A perfect attestation provider can understand your need and take care of the entire process. Attestation services in Oman and certificate attestation in Oman require to satisfy many legal procedures.


What is the procedure of Oman Embassy attestation of the documents?

The procedures and methodologies held in the embassy of Oman are different for various types of documents. The required procedures are:-
For Educational documents:– Below are the steps of attestation of these documents :
    1. The first attestation is made by the Human Resource Development (HRD) of the respective state of residence.
    2. This attestation is followed and made by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

Lastly, the attestation procedure is done by the Oman Embassy in India, then after the further proceedings can be done.

For Non-Educational Documents: – Below are the ways of attesting these documents:
  • The documents are first attested by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.
  • Whereas Oman is a member of the Oman Apostille Convention, the documents can be attested or not attested by Oman Embassy depending on the choice of the respective individual. If Embassy attestation is necessary, then it can be done only after the attestation by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

All the documents that need attestation have a standard fee which the individual needs to pay. It depends on the type of documents and the purpose. Many attestation agencies in this field offer best, speed and the most reliable attestation service. All your documents will be safe and secure and it ensures extreme satisfaction to the respective customers. We are there for your all attestation procedures to move in Oman.


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