Immediate Attestation Of Your Salary Certificate

Immediate Attestation Of Your Salary Certificate

Looking for a quick attestation for your salary certificate? Tired to approach the same procedures you would have to go through? Are you on a short of time to submit your salary certificate? Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.


When you are in a deadlock with respect to time and have to get your salary certificate attested within the shortest period as possible, you might find us to be your kind of choice in case of fast certificate attestation.

New India’s apostille services feature the urgent certificate attestation service to authenticate your salary certificate within just 7 Indian working days. We are the fastest service providers you could find on the sector in terms of convenience and quick processing agility.

Why Do You Need A Salary Certificate?

Salary certificates are generally the certificates approved and authorised by the law stating that you are a bonafide employee of a particular company who receives the mentioned amount of salary and is subjected the following charges of deductions as acknowledged.

The certificate usually has a validity period beyond which it would expire and has to be re-authorised for further submissions.

Salary certificates are mostly required to be submitted to financial institutions like the banks or any insurance companies in case you’ve applied for a car loan, housing loan or any other financial aid legally. The financial institutions verify the income and deductions of an applicant on any application put forth. This is followed up on mandatory grounds as the availing bank or institution has to ensure whether the applicant can complete the loan payment.

Attestation In Oman

The relevance of your salary certificate in Oman is to examine your eligibility to work in the country. This becomes essential especially if you have plans on switching professions or jobs. It requires an attestation from the home department followed by the legalisation of the ministry of external affairs in Oman. We could provide the most convincing and efficient service in taking care of the entire attestation procedures.

Attestation In Qatar

In Qatar, any document would be considered valid only if it has been authenticated from the chamber of commerce. The validity of this authorisation will last for 6 month. If you haven’t used this sealed documents for the entire course of time, then you would have to re-attest the documents again for another validation. Further authentication is required by the ministry of foreign affairs followed by the Indian Embassy Attestation.

The entire course of time for the attestation will be completed within the shortest time as possible if you handover the documents to our service.


Promising Benefits That We Assure

Among the different attestation services around you, here is why you should prefer New India from the service sector as the fast certificate attestation, especially if you are an expatriate residing abroad in Qatar & Oman.

    • Free Collection and Delivery Service

Our service includes free collection and delivery of your certificate to be attested anywhere from Qatar & Oman. You would not even have to make a visit to our service centres just to drop off your salary certificate for further processing. This brings to you enough convenience as it saves your time running behind any kind of procedures. After the attestation, the certificate will be delivered right to your doorstep.

    • Tracking Facility

After you have submitted your document, you will be given a tracking id that shows the current status of your attestation procedure. You can find the status on our website’s tracking monitor. Being taken care of all part of the proceedings, now all that you would have to do is wait for 7 days and track your documents processing stages along.

    • Payment on Delivery

You won’t be charged any amount in advance for the attestation charges. You will be given enough time until we deliver the attested document right to you in hand. You can clear your payment on receiving the document in return after authentication.

    • Insured Documents

In case of any missing or losing your documents, we responsible enough to provide insurance to your documents as it must be our prime concern to ensure the security of your certificates.

You would not have to go through any kind of time-consuming stages anymore and the entire operation is taken care of by a single hand.

Looking forward to providing the best attestation services to facilitate the complete convenience of our clients, we have proved to be credible and reliable.

Our professionals are handling all kinds of attestation services and embassy services at the most reasonable price within the limited course of time as possible.


This blog explains about the details of fast certificate attestation company. Read the above informative blog and came to know about the attestation procedure of salary certificate attestation.

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