Tracking Your Document Attestation In Process

Tracking Your Document Attestation In Process

Document attestation could be a lagging process throughout. We often get tired waiting for the entire processing time to be completed.

For getting the government authorisation, attesting your documents would be mandatory and it requires several stages to go through.

In many cases, this could be any important certificate of yours that is to be submitted before a given date that can’t afford to wait.

  • Salary certificate attestation for any financial institutions or loan applications.
  • Marriage certificate for family visa attestation in a foreign country.
  • Birth certificate attestation for a visa, employment, or other official purposes.
  • Transfer certificate attestation for university or board applications.
  • Engineering certificate attestation for job applications.
  • General affidavits required for other attestations.
  • Medical certificate for any kind of insurance claim procedures.
  • Death certificate for legal procedures.
  • Education certificate attestation for under graduate application and postgraduate application.

Document attestation is a sequential process that involves the approval through many departments of the law at times. If you decide to carry out the tasks as an individual, you would have to invest enough time of your day and there would also be a lag in the long run due to lack of sound knowledge about the procedures.

This is when you should prefer consulting and hiring the best apostille services for the fast attestation service of your documents.

The Exclusive Features Of Our Services

New India attestation is one of the leading service providers in the field. We can deliver your authorised documents within just 7 Indian working days.

The most important and gratifying feature of our service would be the document tracking facility you can find on our website.

With the tracking ID, you would receive on the application, you will be able to track your documents.

We will keep you updated with the status of your attestation and give you an enhanced outlook on our service.

On being able to track your certificates undergoing attestation procedure, you would able to find it a lot more convenient to avail our service.


  • The Complete Satisfaction

This service would give you peace of mind as you know where exactly the important certificates and the documents are at any time you wish to enquire.

This would help both our clients and ourselves feel quite satisfied with the deal as we both know the whereabouts of the papers.

You would not have to call up to the apostille service to enquire the status of your document attestation as you can find your answers on the online tracking facility we’ve integrated with the service.

  • Less Formalities And Procedures

As you are kept updated with the arrival of your authorised documents, you will be able to arrange your schedules accordingly, in case you want a verification.

The company will not have you go through a lot of intricate formalities as your physical presence is not even required at the time of delivery.

  • Monitoring The Credibility Of The Service

With the online tracking system, you can now count on the credibility and reliability of the service providers. You can know whether they are behind the schedules, whether they are making any delay on the go and many more understandings. In any case of enquiry issues or complications, both our customer care service and you will have this online tracking facility as a reference board from where you will find it easy to understand the clarifications.

  • Total Transparency

You would know when to expect the arrival of your documents and monitor the complete live procedures that your documents go through. This can guarantee the protection of your documents from any cases of mismatching or fraudulence that could affect the credibility of your documents.

Other exclusive features include collecting the documents from your hands and delivering it right back to you within the promised time. The delivery would be also at your doorstep which is when we receive the payment after the task accomplished to our client’s satisfaction.

We’ve trained our employees for excellent customer care service and also made sure that our professionals will handle your documents with the utmost concern.

In any case of loss or mishandling of your certificates, we have our document insurance policy on board. You can claim the insurance that we provide along with the service to your benefits and assurance.

With this added feature, you can now ease yourselves and sit back while following up the current status of your document attestation process in live.

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