Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE

Good Conduct Certificate Attestation in UAE

UAE is luxurious, fantasy, rich, flashy, vibrant and yet it still possesses all its simplicity unharmed especially in most of its non-metro cities. It is a world of man-made wonders and a must visit a city on every traveler’s bucket list. UAE was one among three countries to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Now UAE has become a regional trade and tourism hub and also it is an international and regional center for TV and media with the highest internet penetration rate in Arab World.

What is a Good Conduct Certificate?

Candidates need good conduct certificate for UAE, which is a copy of their criminal record. Any local or expat applicant is supposed to obtain this certificate. This certificate possesses different names in each country and territory and is called as police clearance certificate, good standing certificates, PCC, judicial record extracts etc. This certificate will be issued by the police department or government departments and used by Immigration and Citizenship departments to hinder individuals from entering country who pose country’s security. Now it has become mandatory for obtaining a work Visa in UAE which was already required in Canada, Belgium, and Australia.

Why is a Good Conduct Certificate required for UAE?

WAM an official news agency of UAE reported that the UAE Coordination Committee approved a Cabinet Resolution issued in 2017, pledging that from 4th February of 2018. According to this law, a certificate of good conduct should be obtained first for expatriates who apply for work Visa in the UAE to show that you don’t have any criminal background. It should be issued either by their home country or the country where they lived for the last 5 years. As the number of employers is increasing in the country, PCC has become an important document nowadays. Also, this is a necessary certificate when you are looking to immigrate because Police Clearance Certificate can ensure that you fall into the category of a good resident during your stay in UAE.

For what all purpose UAE requires a good conduct certificate?

Good Conduct Certificate is the other name for Police Clearance Certificate. This is the evidence shown from the side of a police department of a home country saying that the specific person does not possess any kind of criminal backgrounds. In UAE this certificate is necessary:

  • To attain UAE residence visa
  • For migration purposes to any European country
  • To start a business in UAE
  • To make further education in UAE and to seek University entry
  • For other official and unofficial purpose in UAE
  • Needed for Visa stamping purpose
  • For employer request in some countries


How to get a Good Conduct Certificate in UAE?

In UAE you can easily apply for Good Conduct Certificate either through online on the Dubai Police website or through the official app of Dubai Police. The following are the documents you need to possess while applying for good conduct certificate in UAE:

  • 2 latest passport size photos
  • A valid Emirates ID
  • Current address details, mobile number, and email ID
  • A valid copy of your passport and visa page (if any)
  • First entry and last exit date to UAE
  • Purpose of applying PCC

How to get PCC certificate attestation from Indian Embassy?

As per the UAE rules once the UAE work visa applicant obtains the PCC it has to be attested by the UAE Embassy in India. Two passport sized photos, original passport, a copy of I.D card, and a signed PCC form from Indian Embassy is the requirements for attestation procedure. This is really a complex procedure which needs attestations from sources like Indian Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc. 2 to 3 Indian working days is the duration needed for getting PCC certificate.

How long valid Good conduct certificate in UAE?

In UAE good conduct certificate currently valid only for 3 months but it may vary up to 12 months in other countries depending on their country law.

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