Marriage certificate attestation for Oman

Marriage certificate attestation for Oman

Marriage certification attestation is the process of validating your wedding testimony by an authorized person or department or authorities using their signature and seal. Attestation of documents before you move to another country is important to make yourself valid. You need to show yourself authentic. Marriage certificate is one among them that cannot be excluded if you plan to take your partner with you or apply for a family visa. By attesting your marriage certificate you are legalizing your relationship, to Oman and that it was issued by the right authority from India. For your marriage certificate attestation, the following documents are required:

  • Visa copy
  • Passport Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Original certificate
  • Authorization Letter

There are many chances for one to make fake certificates that look exactly the same as original and cheat to get into another country. There are really good experts and techniques to make perfect fake certificates and seal and signature to show it as valid. This is why various countries issue visa only after confirming that the candidate and his documents are genuine. This is the reason for countries like Oman sticks to certificate attestation before entering any foreigner to their country, and they are hardliner to those rules. Any compromise in the genuinity is not encouraged, they will be restricted to enter or issue visa.

<>Marriage Certificate Attestation services in Oman

So, if you are really into moving to Oman, get your certificates attested perfectly. Either you can get it done by yourself or seek help from any certificate attestation services in Oman. There are many attestation services in Oman to help you out. You will not have to bother about being called after waiting long to meet the authority every time. Oman attestation procedures are well known to those services or agencies to make it simple for you. Get the attestation done perfectly and error free on time.

The Marriage certificate attestation for Oman is actually getting your documents attested from the two authorities listed below:

Corresponding Home Department/ Ministry of External Affairs(MEA)

The first step is to get the certificate attested by the concerned Home Department/MEA in India for the certificate to be used in Oman. The home department is the state from where the certificate would be issued. Every state will be having a Home Department, from where you have to get your marriage certificate attested with a seal and signature. This makes the certificate valid to produce to the authority of the country in that you wish to move.

Oman Embassy

After your marriage certificate is attested by the Home Department, it should be authorized by the Embassy of Oman. Only then your certificate can be used as a legal document to apply for a family visa or take your spouse with you on your responsibility.

Every certificate attestation in Oman includes validating those by your Home Department and by the Embassy of the country that you plan to go. New India Attestation is one of the top attestation services in Oman, that have lots of happy and satisfied customers across the globe. We provide top notch services for all those who need our help to make your documents perfectly legal within limited time frame, 7 Indian working days! We collect and deliver your valuable documents, that we make insured for free and the customers are able to track the status of your documents.



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