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Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage is an important part of the journey of life where two different individuals vow to stay committed to a lifelong partnership and share a beautiful companionship during the ups and downs of life. This is a sacred institution that operates under social laws.

A marriage certificate is a formal document that recognizes the marriage. This acts as the evidence of the legitimacy of your marriage. A marriage certificate contains specific details regarding the marriage such as the name of the couple, the name of the witnesses and the place and date of marriage. 

Though this is enough to prove the legal validity of your marriage, if you want to use it in foreign countries Marriage Certificate Attestation is necessary. Attestation of the marriage certificate is necessary if spouses want to avail themselves of the legal and societal benefits of being married.

Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is an absolute necessity to use your certificates internationally. The process of attestation is done as per the standard rules and regulations set by global authorities ensuring it is accepted without a second thought.

Attestation of marriage certificate is required in visa processing if anyone among the couple wants to bring their family or wants to live with their partner. is imperative to claim financial benefits. It is essential to get passports for your children and admit them to school. To live, work, or travel with your spouse internationally without any legal complications or obligations, marriage certificate attestation is to be done.

Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is similar to the attestation of any other personal document. The process of attestation necessitates the attestation from multiple departments of different ministries of the origin and destination countries.

The marriage certificate attestation process typically involves the following steps:

Initially, the marriage certificate must be attested by the notaries. Notaries, being recognized as official authorities, are vested with the legal authority to authenticate certificates.

After undergoing local attestation, the document requires further attestation from the appropriate state government authority or the Home Department. Additionally, at the state level, verification procedures can be conducted by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

The subsequent stage following the state level attestation involves obtaining MEA attestation. MEA, which stands for the Ministry of External Affairs, is responsible for handling a country’s external affairs, and MEA attestation is indispensable to validate your document. MEA offers two types of authentication: Apostille attestation and Normal attestation. Apostille documents are recognized by countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, whereas those countries not part of the Hague Convention follow the Normal attestation procedure.

In cases where a country is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, it is essential to have the marriage certificate verified by the embassy or consulate of the destination country located in the country of origin. However, please note that this requirement may not be applicable in all nations.

In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain an attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA Attestation in the country you plan to visit. 

If your marriage certificate is not in the official language of the destination country, it might be required to have a translation done before seeking attestation. It’s important to note that the attestation process generally follows these steps, although the specific requirements may differ depending on the countries involved.

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

Different documents are required for various certificate attestation procedures. These are:

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Copies of passport and visa
  •  An authorization letter (if applicable)

Your photographs, address and contact details are also required.

Time and Cost for Marriage Certificate Attestation

The cost involved in attestation depends on several factors. This includes notary fees, government fees, translation fees and courier charges. Marriage certificate attestation is tiresome and time-consuming. As it requires verification from multiple levels of authorities, without prior knowledge a considerable amount of time will be required. So, it is better to seek service from a service provider.

With New India Attestation, your marriage certificate attestation is completed in the least time possible at competitive prices.

All About Marriage Certificate Attestation

Got married? Are you planning to bring your spouse along with you abroad?

Everyone wishes to take their spouse along with them if they are residing abroad. However, almost many of them are not aware of the rules and regulations abroad. There are some procedures related to it.

A marriage certificate is not enough to bring your spouse along with you abroad. Marriage certificate attestation is essential for finishing the rigid procedures of family visa.

The life we are having today is more organized than it was earlier. This is because of advancement of technology that it made easy and accurate in nature. So, all aspects of life have to adhere to certain common standards and protocols. This is true for all the sectors including travel, immigration, academic, and employment. This is also extended to legal policies followed in different nations and in acquiring properties like real estates.

Documentation with acknowledged standards has began to be mandatory in every stream. And these documents require something more to become valid and credible. This is meant by the attestation of certificates.

Attestation is an official procedure that addresses proper acknowledgement of concerned authorities. This validates the originality of the document which can be either an educational certificate, a travel document which is meant for overseas travel or document that establishes the valid identity of a person.

If you are trying to apply for a family visa in a foreign country, then attestation of your marriage certificate is necessary. It should be attested in the country of origin where the wedding was solemnized and later you have to attest the certificate by the nation where you are going to apply for the family visa.

Like any other attestation procedure, for getting the family visa in foreign nations, attestation of the marriage certificate is a vital element to prove the validity of the marriage and stating that it is not void.

Different nations have different rules and regulations. In some countries, there may be some restrictions for applying for different visas. In UAE, one should have a salary scale of AED 4000 to become eligible for applying for a family visa.


Discover the procedure for attesting a marriage certificate,

Human Resource Development(HRD)

HRD or Human Resources Development Attestation is the very first phase in the attestation of marriage. You have to furnish your marriage certificate with the HRD department of the concerned state, from where it originated for verification. They will then verify your certificates and then starts with the attestation process. Almost every state have the same procedure for HRD attestation, but the label for the same may be different across the nation.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

MEA attestation is undertaken by the Ministry of External Affairs. Ministry of External Affairs provides two different kinds of document attestation. Marriage attestation also has this category difference. They are Ministry of External Affairs attestation and Apostille marriage certificate attestation.

  • Apostille Marriage Certificate Attestation: If the nation where you are aspiring to travel is a member country of Hague convention, then you are required to get an Apostille stamp attestation in your certificate of marriage.
  • MEA Attestation: It is undertaken as per the usual attestation procedure. You are just required to submit your certificate for authentication and it will be then duly attested by Ministry of External Affairs after valid verification.
Embassy attestation

After completing the Human Resource Development and Ministry of External Affairs attestation process, the marriage certificate is then furnished with the embassy or consulate of the destination country to where you are planning to go. The Embassy will then attest your marriage certificate after valid verification.

The first and foremost things you have to care about is the agency with whom you make your attestation to be done.

Why New India Attestation Services?

New India provides you with unmatched service. When you give us the responsibility of collecting your documents, you will be ensured with high quality services. With a strong and committed team, we are able to understand the needs of our client and match it with our applicable standards.

We strongly believe in the satisfaction of our customers. We provide cost-effective consistent service with a commitment towards high business standards. We are working with a warm vision to avail the perfect solution for your certificate attestation formalities.

We have a facility for online tracking. We inform our clients about the current position of the process being done by sending emails promptly regarding the latest updates.


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