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Pan Card is an important piece of legal document consisting of your income and bank related details. We provide Pan Card to every customer within the time frame of 15 days. We also get your Pan Card attested by the authorities to make it appear more genuine and helps you to use in other countries too, as a document for official substantiation. This Pan Card attestation also confirms that all the signs and seals in the Pan Card is legally authentic. Normally it takes two months to get a new Pan Card, but we can provide your it in 15 days. Our responsible set of team is efficient and diligent in every sense. UAE attestation includes this Pan Card Services too.


Requirements for PAN:

1. ID card copy

2. Aadhar card copy

3. 2 Photographs


It will take around 20-25 Indian working days for the PAN card application procedures.


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All About Indian PAN Card Services

India is a sovereign country binded with many rules and regulations. Since we have an open economy, we are always connected globally with many other nations. Documents in India have a supreme value if drawn genuinely. A Permanent Account number, commonly known as PAN card is a prime document required to carry out the important and basic financial operations in our country. The transactions include opening a new bank account or even a debit card or credit card application. Permanent account number is a ten digit alphanumeric number which is given to an individual, company or a hindu undivided family(HUF). New India attestation services, is here with you to provide the important facts regarding obtaining a PAN card services in India. We are considered to be the provider of best apostille services in our nation.

Today, PAN card is required for several purposes ranging from buying a land to visa application to different nations. And many applications insist us to enclose a copy of our PAN card with the same. Do you know the reason why do we need that even while having other kinds of identity proofs like election identity card, aadhar card, ration card and many other. Income tax department recognises a taxpayer only with an identification of a PAN card. So it is very clear that it is not just an identity proof like other documents.

Difference Between PAN Card and Other Identity Proofs

Identity proofs like election identity card, ration card and aadhar cards are only issued to the citizens of India. While a PAN card will be issued to all kinds of taxpayers of the nation including non residents of India and to foreigners who wish to have financial transactions in India. For this the citizenship does not matters. The thing is while making transactions in India, a PAN card is needed. And an identity proof is always issued to human beings only. But a PAN card will be issued to individuals as well as artificial persons. They are not considered separate from individuals. So entities like companies, partnership firms, hindu undivided family are all eligible taxpayers to apply for a PAN card.

What is a PAN Card?

Income tax department of india allots a permanent account number to all its taxpayers to uniquely identify them. On issuing a PAN card, the applicant will get a laminated document holding the unique alphanumeric number and personal details such as name( in full, father’s name), date of birth, photo of the applicant, signature of the applicant. An authenticated logo of Income tax department will also be imprinted on the same.

Necessity for a PAN card

Like every identification number to an individual, PAN will be the identity of an individual associated with the income tax department. Every operations including income tax payments, notices, scrutinies, returns are all associated with this unique number. It is addressed as a repository of your sound financial credibility. It becomes crucial in these following cases :
1. For enabling your employer to deduct the TDS(tax deducted at source) a PAN card is needed when your salary turns taxable.
2. It is compulsory to quote your permanent account number for various transactions notified by the income tax department. It includes a purchase or sale of any article exceeding Rs. 25000 or depositing cash into a bank which exceeds more than Rs.50000 in a single transaction.
3. Like stated earlier, a PAN card services are also needed for various other purposes like visa application, LPG subsidy and many other transactions done with the government as an identity proof.

Cost of Obtaining a PAN Card

While applying from India, the applicant should pay Rs.107 including service tax. And if the applicant is doing it from outside our nation, the cost will be as high as Rs.994 including service tax. The communication address you have mentioned in the application is considered to be the place of application. Since you will be receiving your PAN card at this mentioned address, you have to pay more fees while applying from outside India.

Steps to Apply for a PAN card

1. You can apply your PAN card through the official website of NSDL
2. Choose the application type from the following :

  • Resident individuals
  • Non resident individuals
  • Foreign nationals

3. Select the category named individual
4. Fill up your personal details
5. Click submit to take a token number. The number will be send to your registered email id
6. From the newly opened window choose the suitable option from

  • Submit digitally through e-KYC and e-sign
  • Submit scanned images
  • Forward application

7. Enter your full details
8. Click next to add further details
9. Again click next
10. Enter your area code, assessing officer type, range code, number etc
11. Click next to proceed
12. upload supporting documents to make it valid
13. Pay the fees using any available medium of transaction

Feeling confused, no worries, we are here with you to assist you in obtaining your permanent account number.

Why New India?

Normally it takes around 20-25 Indian working days for the processing of PAN card services in India. But we can make it as fast as possible and will provide you with the same in just 15 days. New India also avails you the service of certificate attestation of your PAN card for validating its authenticity.


Our Other Services :

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Attestation of Diploma certificates issued by government or private institutes

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  2. Attestation of Transfer certificates issued by educational institutions
  3. Attestation of Engineering certificates issued by recognised board
  4. Attestation of Private diploma certificate
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Attestation for the purpose of employment : (If you are a new employee, the employer should ask you for the attested copies of these certificates).

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  2. Indian pan card services
  3. Attestation of Medical certificates issued by concerned medical authority
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Attestation for the business needs :(Running a business abroad is entirely different from our home nation, we have to prove ourselves and our documents should be validated by concerned authority)

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Other attestation for personal needs : (Other attestation comprises documents for the purpose of accompanying family like family visa attestation etc..)

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  5. Attestation of death certificates
  6. Attestation of divorce papers
  7. Translation services including documents drawn in different languages
  8. PRO service

New India Attestation is aware about the certificate attestation rules and also provide an online tracking facility to their esteemed clients. And make necessary arrangements for fast attestation services. We regularly contact and inform our clients about the current status of their certificates undergoing the process of attestation or apostille by sending them updates regarding the processes that are going on in their legalization process.