Get Your Divorce Paper Attested By Secure Agencies

Get Your Divorce Paper Attested By Secure Agencies

The Sultanate of Oman occupies the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula at the convergence of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Oman being one of the oldest self-made Arab states is one of the more traditional countries in the Gulf region and was, until the later part of the 19th Century, one of the most isolated. Here the blog explains details about divorce paper attestation. Read the article and get to know about certificate attestation services in Oman.

The largest expatriate community in the country, Indians constitute almost 20% of Oman’s total population.

Today, authenticated documents are necessary whether you are officially changing your name or even planning to move abroad. If your document is faulty or not legal you can face difficulty or rejection to stay in the foreign country. It is therefore imperative to officially get your certificates attested from an entrusted source.

We here at New India Attestation understand the legal framework required by any nonresidents of India to get miscellaneous forms of certificates attested to make it easier for you and your family to remain in the foreign country for as long as you desire.

Certificate attestation for Oman is provided in close co-operation with national embassies. The time duration that needs for attestation of all documents may differ from 15 to 20 days of period.

Attestation is the method of checking the authenticity of a document & declaring its originality by attaching it with the sign of the verifying personnel. The process involves the submission of original documents as well as a Xerox of the same to authorized employees for verification purposes and the relevant signatures or stamps on the mentioned areas. Any attested document can be important and be used in areas such as VISA stamping, medical reasons, higher education, and school admission for children, creating passports for your children or even for filing a divorce. Attestations are however separate from an apostille which is basically an attestation that is permissible in about 92 countries worldwide.

Divorce Paper Attestation

Just as a marriage certificate can prove to be of importance in the matters of passports and visas, a divorce paper also needs to be given importance. A divorce paper attestation follows the same guidelines as far as attestations are concerned, which is the legal authorization of the concerned authorities or persons along with their official signature and seal. This is to confirm that the divorce paper has been issued by the afore-mentioned authority and that the seal is authentic.

The following are the documents required for divorce attestation in Oman:

  • The original certificate
  • Your passport copy
  • A Visa copy
  • 2 photographs
  • An authorization letter


More About The Attestation Services In Oman

The Embassy performs crucial functions such as attestation of documents of the citizens of the home country. As per the new rules, certificate attestation is now mandatory to get a job in Oman. So feel free to contact our office or engage in a 24/7 chat option to serve all your attestation needs.

As an expatriate in the Middle east, it is necessary to get all your documents attested so that you are in par with the regulations of the country and in accordance with the local government. Although attestation is a simple procedure and done quite easily, any faults can lead to the document being rejected at the hands of the authority. We run a responsible Attestation Agency in Oman, pertaining to all these needs and dire requirements.

The Indian embassy in Oman is located in the diplomatic area of Al Khuwair and makes arrangements for the smooth transitions of documents. The embassy attests documents such as attestation and apostille services, employment visa attestation and medical certificate attestations.

If the expat is planning on sponsoring his family, he is required to complete all the attestation procedure before bringing the family into the country. Although a lengthy process, it can differ depending on the country.

The document to be attested must be presented in original by the applicant with a photocopy and signed before the consular officer, who would verify and agree on their behalf about the identity of the applicant from his passport and the service is generally rendered on the same day. The applicant must bring his original passport along with its validity and containing valid residence visa of Oman for availing all consular services. For family visa requirements and others such as marriage certificate, birth and death certificate can approach the embassy during working hours (8:30am-1:00pm).

With the advent of our services at New India attestation, one of the top attestation agencies in Oman, who provides degree certificate attestation, divorce paper attestation, etc, promise to get your certificates attested within 7 working days. Working in par with the Indian Embassy we assure fast attestation services at reasonable attestation charges.