The Ultimate Guide: Certificate Attestation for UAE

The Ultimate Guide: Certificate Attestation for UAE

The UAE is a federation of seven emirates : Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Quwain, each governed by an absolute monarch and jointly form the Federal Supreme Council. UAE is a charismatic land situated in the Arabian Peninsula is washed with the suave glimmer of urban life. This mesmerising land is always a dream of all in this world. UAE is one among the top positioned must-see countries in the wish list of every human. Apart from the magnificence, this land attracts lots of business magnets and students being a commercial centre of the globe. UAE is a strict rule abiding country where any fault is badly punished. So, just imagine the procedures to get into the country, it takes a long, tedious process where anything and everything should be made authentic. UAE attestation services around the country helps you to get through all those hassle proceedings with ease. You can get detailed information about certificate attestation for UAE through this blog.

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Due to the swift growth in economy, UAE started offering exciting job and business opportunities for the young, dynamic and talented people around the world. Those who are really into availing these opportunities in the UAE need to clearly understand the legal procedures to fly down. It is made very clear by the UAE government that before you apply for the visa, every documents must be legalised, otherwise the candidate will have no permission to get into the country, the visa will be rejected. New India Certificate Attestation services in UAE aids you to get your documents validated.

The UAE is not a member of Hague Convention so that all those documents requires legalization, and not apostille. The attestation process is not the same for every documents in the country. Also some emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah and Ajman are keen for Arabic legal transaction for all the documents. The attestation can also be done in the absence of the candidate. There are lots of UAE attestation services to make certificate attestation in UAE easily to help you out in the country.

Here are the list of authorities that should attest your documents in order to make it authentic:
  • Verification of Notary from Home country
  • Verification by Foreign Affairs from home country
  • UAE Embassy of home country
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE


Below listed are the documents required during the attestation procedures in UAE for different documents:
  • Original Documents
  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Photographs of the candidate
  • ID Proofs
  • Attestation Fees

The Federal Labour law in UAE implies that people applying for visa in UAE should submit attested certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. If you are moving into UAE from your home country, your certificates should be compulsorily attested by the Foreign affairs ministry of the department and then from the UAE Embassy in the native country. The attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandatory of all the documents like educational certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate attestation in UAE and so on. The procedure for getting attestation is different for different countries, but for most cases they are similar. These include attestation from Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs in your country, UAE Embassy of your native country, and lastly, attestation from MoFA UAE.

Thus you can see for yourself the difficulties you would face while getting your documents attested. There might be long waits and energy drainage for each of the step which we make simple for you. Hand over your valuable documents and get it legalised in the perfect way within 7 working days. Your certificates are in the safest and professional hands that the attestation will be done with prompt care. New India is the trustworthy attestation services in UAE which is reliable for everybody across the globe.


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