Visiting Visa Procedures in Dubai

Visiting Visa Procedures in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that makes up UAE. It is an attractive tourist destination full of riches and sky scraping buildings and beauty. It is rich in culture and glamorous city lifestyle. Dubai is more than an independent city state that is most modern and progressive Emirate in UAE. The dream land is essentially a desert city with superb infrastructure and more liberal policies that calls out lots of tourists into the place for its elegant amenities. Dubai has become a famous tourist destination and has over 6 billion tourists till now and counting. Every tourist must have a visit visa or tourist visa while flying down to Dubai. A tourist visa is the one that is compulsory for all tourists who are in Dubai for leisure activities. The tourist visa holder will have to leave the country after 30 or 90 days of exploration in the country. The visiting visa can also be obtained for short term(30 days) or long term(90 days). Unlike the other, the person may or may not leave the country and can convert the visa to employment or resident visa.

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There are plenty of attestation services in Dubai who can help you get your visa asap. If the tourist wish to stay in the country for more than 14 days or coming on business or family visits can apply for visit visas. Either Tourist visa or visit visa are non-renewable. Other than the visa fees, anyone coming to Dubai should have a deposit by the local resident, sponsor or relative that will be refunded after the holder leave the country. There are lots of visa services in Dubai who can get your visa quickly.

Types of visit visas in Dubai:

    • Long Term Visit Visa(90 days)

Non renewable, valid for 60 days from issue date
Non renewable, valid for 90 days from arrival date

    • Short Term Visit Visa(30 days)

Non renewable, and valid for 30 days from issue date
Non renewable, and valid for 30 days from arrival date

Visiting Visa Procedures in Dubai


Provisions of Dubai Visit Visa

Nationality, purpose and duration of visit, all must be considered while applying for visit visa in UAE. For the GCC nationals, they can be granted visa upon arrival with passports and national IDs. Other non GCC nationals will have to check the visa requirements of their native country.

For GCC nationals, the following should be noted:

  • Just by using the passport the GCC nationals can obtain their visa on arrival.
  • This issued visa is non renewable.
  • The passport should be valid for 6 months.
  • It is important that the 90 days visa upon arrival must be consumed within 180 days from first entry.
  • Indian citizen with student visa or green card can get a 14 day visa on arrival.

Requirements for Dubai Visit Visa:

For American citizens:

The passport of the holder must be valid for 6 months from the time of arrival in UAE, also the round trip airline ticket should be confirmed.

Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens(GCC):

No visa is required for those citizens to visit UAE. Also, the high level officials such as doctors, engineers, managers or public sector engineers along with their family need not be the citizens, can have the 30 day non renewable visa at the airport on arrival.

All other tourist nationalities are expected to apply for visa before they enter into UAE. They can consult a local UAE sponsor, their respective Embassy, a hotel, or a travel agency to apply for visit visa.

Documents Required:

  • Application Form
  • Sponsor’s passport and family member’s passport(Copy)
  • The photo of family member
  • To sponsor a spouse, attested marriage certificate by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy is compulsory. Marriage affidavit certificate attestation can be done by fast attestation services in Dubai.
  • To sponsor children, attested birth certificate. Dubai attestation companies can help you efficiently to get your documents attested perfectly.
  • Proof of relationship from Embassy(if not mentioned in the passport)
  • If the sponsor is working in public sector, attested job contract is requires. If working in private company, then salary certificate and travel insurance are important.



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