Qatar Embassy Attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation aid our clients engendering Certificate Attestation for Qatar of Non-Educational, local and Non-Educational Documents. Certificate attestation is the process of perceiving the documents with seal and signature of the issuing authority. The attestation on your certificates ensures whether the seal and signature of particular university or institution are genuine. Qatar Embassy attestation provides a key for easiness of an employment visa, family residence visa, higher education and to get admission in the school. Qatar Embassy attestation is providing attestation with and without state H.R.D. Now let us have a brief look at the types of certifications they possess.

Education Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Academic certificate or educational certificate attestation is the legal certification for a particular person to certify his/her degree of education. Attestation provides reliability to your document. Generally, degree certificate attestation is mainly done for acquiring abroad jobs or else for higher studies. A degree certificate can finalize your academic performance, the course of study, the name of the institution, grades or marks obtained. To check the authenticity of the certificate before attestation you need to submit the original certificate.

Education certificate Attestation is not at all an easy task nowadays. As per the new rules set up by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation, a bonafide letter should be attested from the home department. Degree certificate or mark list are never attested separately by Qatar Embassy. Depending upon the issuing country, degree certificate attestation has a certain validity. They attest consolidated mark list along with the degree certificate. Both mark list, as well as degree certificate, has to be attested contemporaneously. Following are the certificate attestation requirements for Qatar Embassy :

  • Degree Certificate accompanied with the final year mark list.
  • Full-time, part-time or genuine bonafide letter from college is obligatory.
  • Also a copy of your passport.

The attestation procedure includes Notary and home department attestation from Mumbai, attestation by the Ministry of external affairs and Qatar embassy from New Delhi, and also attestation from the Ministry of foreign affairs, Qatar. The attestation process may last for 20-25 Indian working days. Attestation process from the state H.R.D should be done by the certificate holder. This attestation as a whole might take 25-30 Indian working days.


Non-Education Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Non-education certificate attestation is a type of attestation in which a fundamental authority will permit seal or signature. This attestation has the potential to make your certificate valid and valuable in the destination country. Non-education attestation includes marriage, the birth, death etc.
Attestation related to the birth certificate is known as birth certificate attestation. A birth certificate is a legal membership of a child in his/her community. A birth certificate possesses all information of a child in relation with his/her birth, such as place, name, parentage, sex and date of birth. An Embassy is responsible for issuing attestation in most countries. Attestation makes your certificate genuine. It makes your certificate valid and valuable. Birth certificate attestation in abroad is used for satisfying many needs. As birth certificate attestation has unlimited validity it can be considered for further uses. Even though it is a non-educational certificate it is widely used in the educational field mainly for getting admission in schools. Following are the basic requirements of Qatar birth certificate attestation :

  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of passport of father and child.

Certificate attestation procedures include notary and home department attestation from Mumbai, Ministry of external affairs from New Delhi, Qatar Embassy attestation from New Delhi or Qatar consulate attestation from Mumbai, and also Ministry of foreign affairs attestation from New Delhi. If the candidate needs an attestation with State home Department, then the candidate should make state home department attestation on their own. Both attestations require only 7 Indian working days.

Marriage certificate attestation is a process of witnessing a marriage certificate by an authorized authority. In countries like Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain and Qatar attestation of the marriage certificate is mandatory for getting the family visa. For future studies or for acquiring a job in abroad married couple’s must have their attested marriage certificate. Requirements for the attestation of the marriage certificate is :

  • Original marriage certificate.
  • Copy of passport of husband and wife.

The procedures to be followed for the marriage certificate attestation is same as that of birth certificate attestation. This too has a duration of 7 Indian working days.

Out of all other certificate attestation agencies, New India stands out by providing more facilities to our clients. Other than these, Qatar Embassy also provides local attestation for salary certificate, experience certificate, transfer certificate etc within a very short span of time.


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