Types of Major Document Attestation in Qatar

Types of Major Document Attestation in Qatar

India and Middle East countries have distinguished relation. From trading in Malabar area back in 1600 AD to become a job hunting paradise in this 21st century, Middle East always contribute to India in one way or the other way. Although the Middle East has a number of countries, Qatar always had an upper hand in terms of resources and financial independence. Qatar does have many resource dependencies over other countries, yet they overcome all the dependencies with their planning and implementations. What else to describe the first middle east country to host the upcoming FIFA world cup.

Qatar becomes a favourite career destination for Indians. Having more than 1 million Indians living in Qatar as migrants. Most of them are from the small yet effective Indian state Kerala. Qatar even gives away free visa for Indians to strengthen their alliance with India soon after the Gulf issues happened recently. Qatar’s Indian friendship even shown when they offered aid during the recent Kerala Flood.

Having too many reasons to be friendly with India, they have a friendly and professional approach towards attesting the document for different visa requirements. Here we are describing the 4 major type of document attestation services and its process need to be done for an expat in Qatar.

4 types of Document Attestation Services are following.

  1. Salary Certificate Attestation
  2. Experience Certificate Attestation
  3. Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate Attestation
  4. PCC by the Indian Embassy

1.Salary Certificate Attestation

Salary certificate attestation normally required while applying for a loan in Qatar bank or at any financial institutions. Normally, This attested document valid for 1 year. Please find the detailed flow of Attestation Procedure. Below are the document needed for Salary Certificate Attestation.

Requirements for attestation

  1. Salary Certificate on company letterhead (signed by authority)
  2. Signature Authority Card Copy
  3. CR copy
  4. Passport Copy
  5. Qatar I.D card copy

Here is the details process of Attestation.

  • Attestation by the chamber of commerceDocument Attestation services process starts from the Chamber of Commerce in Qatar. We have to submit the Salary certificate along with a copy of passport and they will check your certificate and application. Once the documents are verified, the chamber of commerce will attest the document from their side and send it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestationAlso known as Mofa Attestation, start their attestation process once the salary certificate received from the Chamber of Commerce. MOFA check the certificate and the comment provided by Chamber of commerce to validate the certificate. Once they confirmed, the certificate will be attested from them.
  • Attestation from Indian EmbassyOnce the certificate attested from MOFA, they forward the certificate to Indian Embassy for Embassy Attestation. They check the document and check the comment from earlier attestation officers and attest the certificate. Once the certificate is attested from Embassy, Salary certificate attestation will complete.


2. Experience Certificate Attestation

Qatar is wide and open to many opportunities. Hence it is obvious that employees will look for better opportunities. One of the major document needed for switching a company is experience certificate. Attesting Experience Certificate is mandatory in Qatar. This attestation is to ensure that the experience certificate is valid. The attested certificate can be shown to another company for seeking further career options. Here is the details process on how the whole attestation being performed.

Requirements for attestation

  1. Experience Certificate on company letterhead (signed by authority)
  2. Computer Card Copy
  3. CR copy
  4. Passport Copy
  5. ID Card Copy

Please find the details procedure of attestation

  • Attestation by the chamber of commerceQatar local certificate attestation starts with the chamber of commerce attestation. They verify the certificate and its credibility and attest the certificate. Once the certificate attested from Chamber of Commerce, it will send out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its attestation.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestationOnce the certificate is attested by Chamber of Commerce, MOFA will attest the certificate from their side after reviewing the comments from the chamber of commerce. This will be the final attestation from Qatar government and soon after the MOFA attestation, the certificate will travel to the concerned embassy for final level attestation.
  • Attestation from concerned EmbassyOnce the certificate is attested from MOFA, the concerned embassy will attest the certificate. If the migrant is from India, then It would be Indian Embassy Attestation. The embassy will check the certificate and official comments. The embassy will also check the candidate’s citizenship status in the home country before attesting the certificate. Once all the necessary checks are cleared, the certificate will be attested from the embassy.


This is required at the time of higher studies and transfer certificate or school leaving certificate need to be attested. Here we explain the process for school leaving certificate attestation or transfer certificate attestation.

Requirements for attestation

  1. Transfer Certificate with Principal’s Signature
  2. Father’s Passport Copy
  3. Father’s ID card Copy

Procedure of attestation

  • Supreme Education Council AttestationTransfer certificate or school leaving certificate attestation to start by supreme education council of Qatar. They check the student details and grant the attestation from their side. Once their process is over, will forward the certificate to MOFA.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs AttestationOnce the certificate is attested by Supreme Education Council, MOFA will receive the certificate and based on the comment and certificate validation, MOFA will do the MOFA attestation and will send out the certificate to Concerned Embassy.
  • Attestation by concerned EmbassyOnce the MOFA attestation is done, MOFA will send the certificate to concerned Embassy. Once the concerned Embassy receives the certificate, they will check and attest the same.


Just like any other country, Qatar also wants its country to be clear from crimes. Hence it is mandatory to attest PCC for long-term Qatar visa. PCC attestation means Police Clearance Certificate attestation is most important to obtain Qatar visa when you are planning for a long-term work permit in Qatar. This certificate first needs to be collected from the Local Police station and the concerned country should validate and attest the certificate before sending it to concerned Embassy in Qatar. Here is the detailed process overview to get a PCC attestation in Qatar.

Requirements for attestation

  1. Original Passport
  2. ID card Copy
  3. 2 Photographs
  4. PCC signed from Indian Embassy

Procedure of attestation

  • Attestation from Indian EmbassyBefore the Indian Embassy receiving the certificate, It has to be validated at the Local police station in India. After the same, PCC would be attested at the state level and the same certificate will be attested by MEA on behalf of India. Once MEA attested certificate, Indian Embassy in India will receive the certificate and after the necessary checks, Indian Embassy will do the attestation and will send the PCC certificate to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their final attestation.
  • Attestation by Ministry of Foreign AffairsOnce MOFA receives the certificate, They will check the necessary checks and will attest the certificate. This will be the final attestation for PCC and the candidate will be eligible to process for Qatar visa for a long term.

Although Qatar is a co-operative country, document attestation services typically takes a long time just like other countries. Since attestation is for securing the national security, these procedures followed strictly adhering to the rules. Being a migrant, requesting and following up attestation services in Qatar would be a mammoth task. To save your energy and time, there are many Professional Attestation Services in Qatar like NEW INDIA Attestation whom you can approach for attestation and apostille services. NEW INDIA Attestation is one of the Best Attestation Services in Qatar who provides Fast Certificate Attestation and can provide any attestation within 3-7 working days. We also provide Urgent Certificate Attestation at reasonable Attestation Charges.